Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Will in India

A Will is a record of someone’s jail pronouncement regarding the disposition of his property following his death. It is an individual document that has an influence on someone’s death and allows you to make an informed decision about how your money, assets, and valuables will be distributed after your death.

Freehold property and land: Meaning, title and ownership explained

What is the definition of freehold property? Freehold property is one in which the owner/society/residents’ welfare association owns the building and the land it sits on entirely for the rest of their lives. In most cases, a freehold is acquired by a sale or lottery. The cost of the freehold land will thus be included […]

How to add a co-owner to a property?

During any time during their lifespan, property owners have the choice of granting co-ownership of their homes, flats, apartments, and landed property. Establishing a co-owner in a property is mainly made to prevent disagreements that may develop during the allocation of the property following the owner’s death, although the reasons for doing so may change […]

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