What exactly is an Index II document?

Every real estate transaction, including those involving sales, purchase agreements, gifts, licences, and mutations, must be recorded. When the work is finished, the property owner receives a new document known as the Index II or Index 2 document. It is made available once the property has been registered and contains all the details of the registered property papers kept at the Sub-Registrar Office (SRO). The Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS) agency offers both online and offline access to the Index 2 certificate.

What information is contained in the Index II document?

  • The whole value of the transaction between buyer and seller or renter and landlord.
  • Data pertaining to a sale deed, gift deed, purchase agreement, or rental arrangement
  • Full property documentation, such as society, unit identification, building number, land area, parking space, survey number, and terrace area, among other things.
  • The market value shown on the paperwork.
  • The property’s area
  • Dates for registration and enforcement
  • The names of the parties signing the agreement, as well as their identity documents and addresses
  • This document also includes a unique registration number provided to each document formally issued by the government in response to a request, indicating the year of certification, institution title, special ID, and so on.
  • the name of the registrar’s office, where registration and stamp duty were paid. This document also specifies the registration fees.

Where should the Index II document be used?

  • The Index II or Index 2 property document is used to certify that a property transaction is registered in accordance with the required procedures.
  • This document is a certificate that does not disclose any of the terms contained in the deeds but guarantees their inclusion in the document.
  • It can be utilized as proof and a summary of a property transaction’s registration.
  • This legal document also represents the authenticity of registration execution.
  • It may be utilised while looking for a loan in return for a property mortgage, selling or transferring property, and so on. It also indicates that the transaction involving immovable property has been completed.

How can I access the Index II document online?

The sale deed is accompanied by an Index II or Index 2 document. It is often the second page of the deed that provides all non-confidential information about the property and the selling transaction. The government issues a certified Index 2 copy as verification of a property’s lawful registration with an SRO. A few states, notably Maharashtra, allow you to search the Index 2 online and get a verified copy.

Is there anything else in the Index?

Despite Index 2 is the most popular, there are three other index documents. The Index Copy of the Property or Property Index Copy is made up of all four papers. These indexes are produced by the registration department and concentrate on property data such as the owner’s name, location of the unit, and date of registration, to mention a few.

The Index 1 document is generated to save the initials of the names of the parties participating in the property sale. If there is a will linked with the property, the Index 3 document is generated, whereas the Index 4 document includes all supporting documentation.

While index II is used to demonstrate transfer deed execution, it does not validate the facts mentioned in it. It is just a paperwork stating that the property has been registered. It is used to demonstrate the completion of the Transfer of Immovable Property Act, 1882 at the moment of sale/transfer/loan/mortgage.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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