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About KK Realty

With a far-reaching scope, a commitment to excellence and a continued promise to better the lives of individuals,


KK REALTY stands apart as a business leader in financial services, and real estate, Our wide reach never exceeds its grasp on the human impact of each and every endeavor. To give real service, we have added something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and Integrity. Started with equity broking under the leadership of Mr. Hetal K Patel, over the last 11 years we started servicing different financial services and gained the customer trust and Good will in the market. KK Realty was incorporated with a objective to create value for the customers by ensuring a sure but steady appreciation and returns for our customers hard earned money . We are rapidly evolving to become a global provider of premier lifestyles dream destination to your esteem customer, assisting them to marvels out of the stone. Our objective is to ensure that each of our customers creates wealth by way of value appreciation of his prized possession their own space at KK REALTY