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About Sanghvi Realty

Based in Nation’s financial hub Mumbai, Sanghvi Realty is a reputed company in the acquisition,


development, construction and management of residential and commercial real estate. At Sanghvi Realty, we know that the real estate industry is a service business, and we remain committed to the ideal of service excellence in all our activities. Because of this focus, our employees are encouraged to take the initiative in giving an extra measure of helpfulness, involvement and concern, making Sanghvi Realty the trademark associated with customer satisfaction. This philosophy is the prevalent attitude in all we do, and is embodied in our mission statement. We know how important these ideals are to the potential resident searching for his next home, to the prospective commercial tenant looking for a new site, and to the investor researching a new opportunity. At Sanghvi, service, quality and value are important to us because we know how important they are to you.