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If you join the PropertyPistol we will provide you with complete end- to- end support. Our services include:

  • Provide Technology support for lead management, lead generation, and marketing tools
  • End to end sales support from tele-calling to closure.
  • Excess to the extensive Broker’s Network
  • Provides the opportunity to work with multiple builders and developers

PropertyPistol with its continuous technological innovation, expertise, support, and transparency has created a place for itself in the dynamic real estate industry. PropertyPistol believes in providing the best resources to its agents, be it technology, marketing tools or the flexibility of running their own business.

A. Technological features of the new CRM tool are-
  • A Personalized website for your business (e.g. www.yourbusiness.com)
  • List Properties directly from CRM to your website
  • Website specific email id (e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com)

Trust and transparency are the main features of our business association. Thus, to ensure total transparency PropertyPistol’s has provided a technological solution, its Lead Tracking and Management tool which is regularly updated, keeps real-time track of all the leads and sales done and which can be accessed any time from any location through any device and through PropertyPistol Syndicate App.


Under PropertyPistol’s Syndicate Network, we provide all the services at a single place-with complete support and proper communication channel. Our services include:

  • Facilitates deals from multiple builders
  • Excess to the extensive Broker’s Network across Mumbai
  • Customized Marketing Tools according to your requirements
  • Provide complete sales logistics and technical support to member brokers for coordinating sale from far-flung site offices
  • Seamless collection from builders

Through Property Pistol Syndicate Network you can look forward to:

  • New launch opportunities with the top builders
  • 360° Business Management Suite is a technological support system which provides you with a complete business integration tool for productivity and effective customer interaction
  • Access to the powerful Broker Network
  • Provides you with remote opportunities like buyers for resale and rental transactions

The whole Syndicate Network is centrally managed by the CRM tool which provides with complete transparency at all levels from lead generation to sales. No lead is created twice in the whole system by same or different brokers thus, eliminating clashes.


We are planning and working to create a one-stop solution for all real estate services.


PropertyPistol provides you with the same compensation/brokerage as the builder. The company will also provide you with the complete end to end sales support. PropertyPistol will assist you in filtering out your leads, provide you with the calling support, line up and arrange the clients for site visits and helps in the closure of the deals.

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