2024 House Painting Costs: Estimate per Square Foot for Your Budget Planning

Painting is an important part of any home project, whether it’s a new one or a re-decorating your current one. The cost of painting your home is a combination of several factors, from buying paint and putting to hiring labor. After the construction of your home is finished, you spend most of your time deciding on the color you want to paint your walls.

Some homeowners like to rework their interiors before they move into their new home. A big part of this is painting your walls and ceiling with colours/s that match your design style and personality. Many people like to give their home a fresh coat of paint every few years. However, while the process sounds fun and customizable, it usually requires money, time, and a comprehensive plan to finish it. Since the price of painting your home often depends on the options available, here’s a step-by-step guide on how much it costs to paint your home.

The type of wall paint you choose can have a big impact on the price of your home paint. Here are the types of wall paint you can choose: 

Water-based: Distemper paint, also known as whitewashing, is one of the most affordable water-based paints. It is easy to apply, but not very long-lasting. It will fade and peel off when wet as it is not washable. It starts at Rs 10 per square foot. 

Emulsion Paint: Emulsion paint is based on water or oil, it dries off quickly and gives a great finish. It is very durable and can be washed to a certain extent by soaking a washcloth in a washcloth solution. Some emulsion paints also have antifungal properties. Plastic emulsion paint is one type of emulsion, while acrylic emulsion is another. The price of emulsion depends on the kind of finish you want, for example, glossy or matte. It ranges between Rs 12 per square foot and Rs 60 per square foot.

Enamel paint: Enamel paint, on the other hand, is used on surfaces where there is a lot of work to be done as it is durable, easy to clean, and offers a variety of glossy effects. It is also resistant to water and stains and is commonly used on metal as well as wood surfaces. The price of enamel paints starts at Rs 80 per square foot. 

Lustry paint: Lustry paints offer a smooth, pearl-like finish, which can be washed with either oil or water. However, they are not suitable for quick work as they emit an unpleasant smell for a while after drying completely. The price of luster paints ranges from Rs 26 per square foot to Rs 30 per square foot.

Texture paint: Texture paint is mainly used on accent walls or show walls. The application of texture paint requires special tools such as knives, rollers, brush and trowel, and other materials such as putty, to create a 3-dimensional texture. Texture paints are generally voluminous and tactile. Texture paint is the most expensive option. It ranges from Rs 80 per square foot to Rs 200 per square foot. 

Cement Paint: Cement paint is one of the most economical options for color coatings because its pigments resist light and heat. A single addition of water makes snowcem cement paint non-peeling, non-flaking, and non-porous. It has a long service life compared to other cement paints. In addition to being durable, snowcem is also economical due to its low labor costs.

Metallic paint: Metallic paint gives off a shimmery and shiny finish due to the addition of metallic flakes and glass to the base of the paint. This type of metallic paint is mainly made from iron oxide pigment. This pigment is also called metal flake pigment or polychrome. Metallic paint is used mainly for accent walls because it adds depth and shine. The surface after application gives off a soft silky glow that will captivate your guest.

Paint finishes are often referred to by different names depending on the brand you select. There are three common paint finishes:

High gloss finishes can be divided into semi-shine and high-shine. A high gloss finish reflects light and adds brightness to a room. A semi-gloss finish is a glossy finish that can be used on moldings, mantles, and other architectural highlights in your home. It is easy to clean and is suitable for bathroom and kitchen finishes. Another popular finish is a Satin or Eggshell finish. Satin is a durable finish that is often used for children’s rooms. On the other hand, Eggshell finishes can be used for ceilings and walls to cover imperfections. Also, Matte or Flat is a great option for adult bedrooms. It doesn’t have any shine, but it does have the most pigment and the highest coverage, which means you’ll save time and money, but it won’t be stain-resistant.

How much does it cost to paint your house per square foot? 

The cost of painting your house includes not only the cost of the painting itself but also labor costs, wall cleaning costs, wall size, and the size of your house.

In addition to the cost of the paint itself, there are several other materials like putty and primer that add to the cost of painting your property. If you decide to hire professionals to paint your property, you need to consider the cost of painting labor per sq ft. 

Primer cost: Primer acts as a base for your paint and improves the overall look of the paint. The cost of primers varies depending on the type of primers available on the market. A liter of primer will provide you with 210-270 square feet of coverage. Prices of primers are between Rs 140 and Rs 200 per liter. Most contractors use a coat of primer first before using putty to ensure that the paint adheres properly.

Putty cost: Putty is a white cement-based water-resistant material used to level out any imperfections or undulations on the surface. A kg of putty will provide you with 15-35 sq ft of coverage at a price of around Rs 50. 

The cost of labor for home painting is about 3/2 – 1.5 times the cost of labor for materials. For instance, if the cost of material is Rs 5000, the labor cost is (3/2 * 5,000) – Rs 7000. However, the cost may differ from city to city. For example, in metro cities, labor costs are higher than in non-metro cities. You can save labor costs by painting your house yourself. However, it will take a lot of time, energy, and basic know-how. Cost of Home Fresh Painting or Repainting The cost of fresh painting will also depend on whether your home is freshly painted or repainted. Fresh painting requires 1-2 coats of putty, 1 coat of primer, and 1-2-3 layers of paint. Repainting, on the other hand, requires minimal touch-up putty, one coat of primer, and one coat of paint. Therefore, fresh painting is more expensive than repainting.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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