What are State-wise Property Transfer Charges?

State-wise property transfer charges refer to the charges levied by the state governments in India when you transfer the title of a property to another person.

Since the state governments are responsible for these charges, the rates differ in every state / UT. The property transfer charge is a mandatory fee that you pay to the state government. However, it differs from registration charges. It acts as a validation for the government. Without paying this charge, you cannot transfer the title of the property to someone else.

Factors Affecting State-Wise Property Transfer Charges
  • Gender – The transfer charge is usually lower for women to promote property ownership among them. For instance, Bihar has separate parameters for property transfer charges for the genders. If a man transfers property to a woman, the charge is 5.7% but if a woman transfers property to a man, the rate is 6.3%.
  • Age – Senior citizens might be eligible for lower transfer charges.
  • Property Usage – Commercial and residential properties are charged differently.
  • Location of Property – Refers to urban, rural, metropolitan or suburban locations, as rates are based on the jurisdiction under which the property falls.
  • Status of Property – Rates differ for old and new properties.
StatesProperty Transfer / Stamp Duty Rates
Andhra Pradesh5%
Arunachal Pradesh6%
BiharMen to Women – 5.7%Women to Men – 6.3%Other cases – 6%
GoaUpto Rs 50 lakh – 3.5%Rs 50 – Rs 75 lakh – 4%Rs 75 – Rs 1 crore – 4.5%Over Rs 1 crore – 5%
HaryanaMen – 7% (urban areas)Women – 5% (urban areas)
Himachal Pradesh5%
Jammu and Kashmir5%
Karnataka5% (above Rs 45 lakh)3% (Rs 21-45 lakh)2% (Less than Rs 20 lakh)
Madhya Pradesh7.5%
Maharashtra5% (Men)4% (Women)
Odisha5% (Men)4% (Women)
Punjab7% (Men)5% (Women)
Rajasthan5% (Men)4% (Women)
Sikkim4% + 1% (for people of Sikkimese origin only)9% + 1% (for others)
Tamil Nadu7%
Uttar PradeshMen – 7%Women – 7%-Rs 10,000
UttarakhandMen – 5%Women- 3.75%
West BengalUpto Rs 1 crore – 6%Above Rs 1 crore – 7%
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do you mean by stamp duty charges?

Stamp duty charges or property transfer charges refer to the fees levied by the state government in India. If you are transferring the title of your property to someone else, you will need to pay property stamp duty.

  • Is there any penalty from the Government if the buyer fails to pay the Government’s stamp duty charges?

Yes, you have to pay a penalty if you don’t pay the stamp duty or property transfer charge to the government. Think of property transfer charge as a mandatory tax – you need to pay it if you’re transferring the ownership to someone else.

  • Does gender matter for calculating property transfer charges?

Yes, gender does matter while calculating transfer charges. The government wants to promote property ownership among women. Therefore many states lower their charges for women property owners. The same applies to senior citizens – there might be a lower charge for them.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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