What is a lease deed and how does it vary from a rental agreement?

The owner of commercial property frequently lends it to a third party in exchange for money. To establish a shared basis, a legal agreement is created and signed by the property’s owner or lessor and renter or lessee. This is referred to as a Lease deed. Here’s what you should know.

How will Rent Courts resolve tenant-landlord disagreements?

According to the Act, each Union Territory and State (UT/State) government in the UT may choose to represent any number of Rent Courts in the relevant geographic area. If a Rent Court currently exists in a UT or State under another law, the same could be designated as a Rent Court under the MTA as of […]

What exactly is considered let-out property?

A person’s name can have numerous qualities. He can engage in residential buildings to get a steady income from rents. According to the income tax rules, only one of the homes may be designated residential for self-occupancy, while the others can be rented out. If the other properties are not occupied, they are referred to […]

The new law of paying 18% GST on housing rent is explained.

Only business premises offered on lease are subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Nevertheless, under a new law that went into effect on July 18, a GST-registered renter (including people and corporate organisations) is obligated to pay 18 percent tax. Will it have an effect on the rental of residential properties? Let us […]

GST on residential rent to depress the demand for rental accommodation

According to real estate experts, the Goods and Services Tax on residential projects may cause a slight decline in housing demand or apartment prices, but the market may eventually adjust to the new tax laws. Since July 18, residential rents have been covered by the Internet of Goods and Services Act. Tenants may also be […]

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