Home lighting ideas for every room

Intelligent lighting can give dimension to a space, bringing a project to life. Lighting may generate height and depth, as well as call attention to visually appealing areas. Aside from an appealing appearance, good lighting may help a house sell faster. Here we offer some great house lighting ideas for each area to help you […]

What exactly is Sunmica? Sunmica Application, Characteristics, and Benefits.

Are you in the process of remodelling your home? Are you undecided between Sunmica and laminate? First and foremost, keep in mind that Sunmica and laminate are interchangeable. Sunmica is a dependable laminate brand. Sunmica became synonymous with laminates in the same way that Xerox got synonymous with photocopying. As a result of how well-known […]

Decorating Ideas For A Quiet And Calm House

Your house is your safe haven. It’s a place where you may feel secure and comfortable when things feel too much. Specific design decisions contribute to that feeling of tranquility, and how you arrange a place may have a significant influence on how you think while being in it. A well-designed home filled with stuff […]

Interior Paint Colour Selection Guidelines

Starting with the colours you like is the simplest approach to determine the ideal interior paint colours. You are not restricted by typical colour schemes for a certain decorating style when you start with the colours you prefer. You may design a colour scheme around your favourite colour by using it as the basic colour. […]

Beautiful décor guide for the newly wedded couples

Were you married recently? And you’re looking forward to putting your new space together? Look no further; we’ve got the right guide to help you arrange your bedroom. When they have the chance to spend quality time with one other and form that special connection and relationship, decorating the bedroom becomes even more distinctive.

Indoor plants that are ideal for tiny spaces and flats

Who doesn’t like a little bit of nature in their household? Nevertheless, in cities such as Mumbai, wherein flat spaces are modest, finding a suitable location for a plant might be difficult. Only one option is to select indoor plants that can survive in small places and require little sunlight and maintenance.

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