All To Know About Legal Heir Certificate!

Following Indian inheritance law, a Certificate of Legal Heir is a significant official document provided by government organizations that aid in establishing the link between a deceased person and their legal heirs. It enables the transfer of a dead person’s whole estate to surviving family members. Real estate transactions involve the transfer of financial claims […]

What exactly is the Land Acquisition Act of 2013?

What is the Land Acquisition Act?  The Act oversees the land acquisition process and establishes the rules and procedures for providing rehabilitation, relocation, and remuneration to persons who give up their property to the government for infrastructure development. According to the Act’s provisions, the government compensates affected landowners (four times the market value of property […]

Who is an heir and what is inheritance?

An immediate relative, such as a son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, or uncle, is an inheritor if they are legally entitled to claim or receive an inheritance from the dead owner’s ancestors’ assets and/or things in situations where there is no longer a valid will. If no immediate family member is claiming the inheritance, the […]

The Indian Succession Act, 1925: How Property is Inherited in India

The Indian Succession Act of 1925 is responsible for all inheritance laws. It is used as the primary source for distributing the assets of a deceased person. The Indian Succession Act is as diverse as the people in the country. Diversity is a necessity to ensure that all people, regardless of their religion, get access […]

Draft Model Act on Land Titles

The NITI Aayog released a draught version of the land titling statute and policies for states on conclusive land titling on October 31, 2020, to simplify the land purchase process for infrastructure projects and reduce conflicts. Eleven important details about the version of the law that grants states the authority to set aside funds for […]

Is it permissible to sell property with a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a document that authorizes a certain individual to act for and within the boundaries of the one executing it. The executor of the record is referred to as the ‘predominance,’ and the person who represents the predominant in deals with 0.33 events is referred to as an ‘agent.’ An agent […]

Everything you need to comprehend about the Rectification Deed

Real estate purchases entail a lot of laborious documentation, that can result in a silly mistakes. Nevertheless, if such flaws are not remedied quickly, they may call the legitimacy of the papers into question. A rectification deed allows purchasers and sellers to correct mistakes in property paperwork. Continue reading to learn more about rectification deeds […]

Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg Would Be Highlighted In A New Industrial Policy.

To encourage the development of industrial centres along the Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg, the government’s new industrial policy prioritised the second phase of the road project. The first stage of the project is limited to a 706-kilometre route connecting Nagpur and Mumbai, whereas the second phase comprises the building of industrial complexes.

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