Know All About Khatian Number In India

All land parcels in India have documents that exhibit ownership, property rights, and usage. It is similar to how we have documents showing our credibility, nationality, and voting rights. This set of documents is called Record of Rights (RoR) or Khatian. 

These documents are drafted through a plot to plot survey to define possession, ownership, and land development tax assessment. These surveys are conducted by the Land Record and Survey Department.  

What is the Khatian Number?

A Khatian number is something that helps identify the details in these records. Khatian holds the complete information of a land parcel or a property. When a state government issues land records to landowners, it is assigned under a Khaitan number. Khatian includes DAG/khasra number, khata number and Khatauni Number. 

Why is Khatian Important?

Land records show proof of ownership and other certified details, among others. The importance of land records is: 

  • To compile all essential details of the land. 
  • To detect any fraudulent claims on land
  • Avoid illicit activities or grabbing of land. 
  • Land records are an essential part of litigation proceedings for properties.  

What is the DAG number?

DAG number is also known as the Khasra number. Khasra number in Persian means Survey number. This number is allotted to a land parcel or a piece of property in villages. In urban areas, survey numbers are allotted to plots and land parcels. The Mughals initially adopted this system of organizing to levy taxes. 

The khasra number is vital because it gives complete information regarding the ownership of the land, types of soils and soil profile, crops that have been and can be cultivated, and the number of trees in that specific area. It also gives information regarding the geographical and historical information of the land dating back. Every land parcel or area gets a unique identity number.  

Khasra number is allotted by the Lekhpal (An appointed person responsible for maintaining the documents for local land and revenue records) and the village patwari. The khasra number can be extracted from Sharjah. Sharjah is a complete map of the village. Khasra number is essential because you can get the ownership information dating back to 50 years. It also includes any addition or subtraction from the land in that period. 

What is Khata and Khatauni number?

Khasra number, khata number, and khatauni number are different in their basic definition. We learned what the khasra number was. Let’s understand how it is different from the rest. 

Khasra Number: Khasra number means survey number. Khasra number is given meaning when allotted to a plot of the land parcel or piece of property in rural land.  

Khata number: Khata number is also called the Khewat number. It is a number given to joint landowners. It provides us with information regarding the co-owners, such as their background and total holding in the lad. The khata number will be freshly allotted if there is a change in the holding of land by the co-owners. 

Khatauni number: Khatauni number is assigned to a set of cultivators and not a land parcel or a piece of property. It holds complete information regarding the cultivators and their area of cultivation. It is issued as self-cultivated land inland revenue records if an owner acquires land. 

Khasra number and khata number deals with land parcels and pieces of property, while Khatauni number deals with the cultivators of land.  

Details provided by Khasra, Khata, and Khatauni Number

 Khasra, Khata, and Khatauni Number provide us with the following details: 

  • Share of landholding of a particular land parcel
  • Details regarding the cultivator of land or if it is self-cultivated
  • Total land holding by a family
  • The total area of agricultural land
  • Details of the number of people owning land in rural areas

How to find your Khasra, Khata, or Khatauni details?

All details regarding the same have been digitized, and you can easily find the information by logging in to the official land records website. You can also find the details by visiting the office. Websites for states have been mentioned below:

StateLand record NameWebsite address
Andhra PradeshMeebhoomi
RajasthanApna Katha 
Tamil NaduPatta 
Himachal PradeshHimbhoomi 
MaharashtraBhulekh Mahabhumi 
West BengalBanglabhumi 
Uttar PradeshBhulekh 
Madhya PradeshBhulekh 
GoaGoa Land Records 


If you are looking to buy new villa with land, or park your money as an investment, you should always look into the history of the land and its previous owners. You can check the Khatian, Khasra, Khata, and Khatauni numbers on the website of your local land revenue records. Ensuring that the land has clear and uncontested ownership will help you make a secure and informed purchase.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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