Building plans in Chennai to get nod online within 60 days

Building permit approvals will now be granted within 60 days using an internet single window system. The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) have been directed to provide the ‘Go Live’ internet site by the Tamil Nadu housing and concrete improvement branch.

Chota Nagpur Tenancy – CNT Act

The Chota Nagpur Tenancy -CNT Act, 1908, is a land rights statute that was enacted with the help of the British to protect the land rights of Jharkhand’s tribal population. The CNT Act is notable for prohibiting the transfer of land to non-tribals to ensure network ownership. Within the CNT Act’s authority are the divisions […]

What is BU and why is it important?

BU is typically the most used term in the domain of land and property construction as well as utilization. It is essentially a permit and stands for the ‘Building Usage Permission’ that is authorized by local regulatory associations. Its prime purpose is to regulate the optimization and apt utilization of every land or property in […]

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