UAE: 5 Reasons to invest in off-plan real estate in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market has always been a popular investment destination for international investors. However, with the current market trends, investing in off-plan real estate in Dubai has become an even more attractive option. Here are five reasons why investing in Dubai’s off-plan real estate is a smart investment move.

Inside Dubai Sports City: A Comprehensive Overview of This Sporting Destination!

DUBAI SPORTS CITY INFORMATION Not simply for fitness enthusiasts, Dubai Sports City is a neighbourhood that offers a variety of lifestyle and residential alternatives at a reasonable price. This future complex, which will include the International Cricket Stadium and the Els Club, is the most sought-after location for investors. For those contemplating investing in Sports […]

Kite Beach Dubai: A Perfect Blend of Fun, Sun, and Sand!

Kite Beach Dubai lives up to its reputation as one of the nicest public beaches in the city. In addition to being a paradise for kite surfers, the beach provides guests with everything from water sport activities and eccentric food trucks to sun loungers and immaculate sand.

A Tale of Two Markets: Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape!

Some of the most opulent homes in the whole globe are found in the city, which has long been noted for its splendor and extravagance in the luxury real estate market of Dubai. Nonetheless, the Dubai real estate market has recently gone through highs and lows, with the luxury sector leading the way.

According to a poll, over two-thirds of Dubai property owners aim to sell!

Dubai boasts a thriving real estate industry with homes that appeal to a variety of purchasers and investors. Yet according to a recent poll, over two-thirds of Dubai property owners want to sell their homes in the coming months. These are the reasons for the emergence of this trend and what it can entail for […]

Increased interest rates are unlikely to affect Dubai’s real estate market.

According to analysts, executives, and industry players, the bulk of real estate transactions in the UAE are conducted in cash and will not be harmed by the regular increase in interest rates. According to them, the market would increase at a constant rate of up to 5% this year, rising to 11% in 2022.

Dubai boom sees Russian cash, high rents, and reborn projects!

Russian people have increased their investment in Dubai, one of the most international cities in the world, in recent years. The city, which has long been a favorite vacation place for affluent people and investors, has turned into a hotspot for Russian money as a result of the influx of people and corporations looking for […]

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