Rent in Dubai is rising at the quickest rate since October 2014

According to the June 2022 version of the Dubai Residential Market Snapshot provided by CBRE, rental and villa rentals in Dubai are rising at the fastest rate since late 2014. The average rental and villa rentals in May 2022 were AED 83,485 and AED 249,677 per annum, respectively.

Expats merging properties to get Golden Visa in Dubai, UAE

The UAE visa residency device announced that real estate investors may furthermore obtain a Golden visa when purchasing a property worth no less than AED 2 million. This has cleared the way for many Dubai residents to merge or invest in their homes to reach the AED 2 million milestones and be eligible for long-term […]

Dubai’s 56% Property Surge Collides with Ghosts of 2009 Crash

Last year, Dubai had the biggest increase in excessive-give-up assets penalties in the world, thanks in part to the government’s quick response to the coronavirus, which drew money from all over the globe. According to Knight Frank, prime real estate rates are expected to rise 56 percent in 2021. That crowned each principal town, with […]

Why Russian buyers are attracted to Dubai’s realty market?

Maria Shurshalina, a 20-year-old Russian from Sverdlovsk, has been able to see the graph take off since she arrived in Dubai six months ago. In double-quick time, the current marketer with intelligent aviators, who likes high-priced smells, has grown to be a hit realty broker. Her success reflects the growing Russian interest in the emirate. […]

Villas continue to drive Dubai real estate in 2022

The ValuStrat Price Index, which monitors Dubai‘s total residential capital fee performance, reported that property costs increased 18.8% year over year and 1.2 percent month over month. Villas were at the forefront of this trend, with prices rising 34.1 percent annually but with a steady growth rate of 2.1 percent.

Here’s all you need to know about the rights of the tenants in Dubai

Most foreigners in Dubai are renters, therefore renting an apartment or a villa is a popular choice for housing in the city. Being a renter in Dubai looks to be a difficult task; issues such as high rent, small rentals, security issues, and eviction are just a few of the common issues renters are facing […]

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