Aspects to remember before canceling an apartment booking

Home purchasers may be compelled to conclude their home-buying adventure prematurely for causes beyond their influence. There have been numerous recent examples when customers were forced to cancel their reservations owing to the unexpected lack of money caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. In other circumstances, the buyer may alter his or her decision upon uncovering […]

Buying Tips For Pre-Leased Commercial Property

A pre-leased or pre-rented property is one that has been leased to someone and then sold to someone else together with the tenant. Including the sale, there is a concurrent exchange of property ownership, which means that the lease agreement is also passed to the new owner. A pre-leased property has several advantages, including better […]

Building plans in Chennai to get nod online within 60 days

Building permit approvals will now be granted within 60 days using an internet single window system. The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) have been directed to provide the ‘Go Live’ internet site by the Tamil Nadu housing and concrete improvement branch.

Different types of plots and housing plots in India

We all know that structures are built on land that has been assigned by the government to housing, commercial, and agricultural sectors rather than being arbitrarily used. Not every plot is the same. As per the structure and narrative kinds, they have been adjusted to suit a variety of demands.

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