Urban Development Plans and Panchkula’s Slum Dwellers Struggling for Basic Amenities


Panchkula, a city in Haryana that is growing quickly, has experienced major urbanization and infrastructure improvements. A community of slum residents still struggles to get necessities and a respectable level of living, despite the city’s development. These inhabitants’ situation emphasizes the necessity of inclusive development and targeted initiatives to empower marginalized populations.

Housing Demand Driven by Navi Mumbai’s Growing Job Market!

Navi Mumbai, a planned city on the outskirts of Mumbai, has emerged as a thriving job market in recent years, driving the demand for housing in the region. With its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and planned infrastructure, Navi Mumbai has become a hotspot for job seekers, leading to an increased demand for residential properties in […]

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar is renowned for being one of the best locations in Maharashtra for couples on their honeymoon. It offers untouched plateaus of beauty with rocky mountains and forts in the background. It is all too beautiful to take in, especially during the months with chilly weather. Visit the strawberry gardens and be surprised to […]

All About Traffic Challan Payment

Challan procedure refers to a bill sent by a central authority official in response to a traffic infraction. Additionally, a site visitors challan is a complaint sent to a person by the site visitors police branch for breaking site visitors’ laws. To ensure that people follow traffic laws for the protection of people, the visitor’s […]

Many as 400 home developments in Navi Mumbai are gaining momentum.

Upwards of 400 impacted housing developments in Navi Mumbai are possible to benefit from traction after Maharashtra’s Ministry of Urban Development approved Housing Revival Programme initiatives.

What you should know about the MCG water bill?

MCG refers to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, which is in charge of Water Bill Gurugram. This corporation is in charge of delivering clean and fresh water to its citizens. MCG obtains water taxes in exchange for this service. The water bill is created monthly, and payments may now be made online at Recharge1.

The Noida Municipal Corporation Will Revise Its Land Policy For Collective Homes.

The Noida Authority intends to alter its land distribution policy for group housing societies, making it essential for developers to pay the whole lease cost in advance. Developers were formerly paid in stages.

Concrete jungles sprout as rules eased in Tamil Nadu

The loosening of development regulations, the concrete jungles in Chennai‘s suburbs and other cities in Tamil Nadu are now becoming denser.


Why has demand been rising? Following the initial wave of Covid-19, housing demand soared in the two quarters between October 2020 and March 2021. This was aided by factors like stamp duty reductions by various state governments, builder incentives, and low financing charges. Starting with the second wave of Covid, the pace slowed in the […]

All you need to know about MCGM water bills!

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), commonly called as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), provides water to Mumbai on a daily basis in the amount of 3,850 million litres.

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