How can I avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of a home?

Every property transaction is taxed, and capital gains tax is one type of tax imposed on property sellers in India. The government assesses this fee based on the number of years the owner owns the property before placing it on the market for sale. The tax is levied on the seller’s revenue from the property […]

What is Double taxation avoidance agreement?

The Double Taxes Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) assists Non-resident Indians (NRIs) working in other countries in avoiding double taxation on income received in both India and their place of residency. Notably, the purpose of signing DTAAs with nations is to reduce tax evasion by taxpayers in either or both of the nations with whom bilateral or […]

Tips for reducing taxes on a joint home loan – Tax Guide

All co-owners are eligible for the tax advantages connected with the solidarity mortgage under specific circumstances. Let’s look at it. All joint owners are eligible for the joint mortgage tax rebate. It should be emphasized that real estate tax advantages need “ownership” of the property. Even if you cosigned for the loan, you could not […]

Know the tax implications for an inherited property: Tax Guide

Any asset that is given to the trustee after the owner’s passing, whether by will or in line with the laws of inheritance, is regarded as an inherited asset. Up until 1985, the executor of the estate was responsible for paying any inheritance taxes; this “property tax” was abolished in 1985. There aren’t any tax […]

TDS on property sale and purchase!

An individual’s income is subject to an indirect tax known as TDS. The TDS is withheld at source from both recurring and one-time income at the time of payment. For instance, if someone wins the lottery, their proceeds will be distributed to them after the appropriate withholding tax has been subtracted. The same holds for […]

How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling A Home!

You have sold your property and made a profit from it. Assume you purchased it, maintained it for a year, and then sold it. In that situation, the proceeds from its sale will be treated as short-term capital gains. Such profits are recorded to your taxable income and taxed according to your income bracket. There […]

Does the spouse’s reinvestment of LTCG qualify for the capital gains exemption?

The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) ruled in January 2020 that reinvesting the entirety of long-term capital gains (LTCG) inside a partner’s call qualifies for exemption under the capital profits exemption rules. The decision was reached after an applicant’s claim was turned down by the evaluating officer. The sale earnings of an asset held for […]

In Lucknow, incorrect property tax self-assessment will result in penalties.

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has warned that inaccurate information entered into the property tax self-assessment software would result in a warning. The offender will be penalised four times the gap between the current property tax and the amount paid. LMC’s self-assessment programme, designed to eliminate the misconduct, is set to be released shortly. The […]

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