The Best 5 Well-Planned Cities in India

India, a land of diverse landscapes and cultures, has witnessed rapid urbanization over the years. As the population continues to grow, the importance of well-planned cities becomes paramount for sustainable development. In this article, we explore the best 5 well-planned cities in India, each exemplifying thoughtful urban design, infrastructure, and quality of life. For Indian […]

A Guide to Mumbai’s Top 20 Steel Markets

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is not only a bustling metropolis but also a hub for various industries, including the steel sector. The city’s steel markets play a pivotal role in supplying raw materials, semi-finished, and finished steel products to meet the diverse needs of construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors. In this article, we […]

Exploring Retail Giants: The Top 20 Largest Malls in India

India, with its diverse and dynamic retail landscape, hosts some of the largest and most iconic shopping malls in the world. These retail behemoths not only redefine the concept of shopping but also serve as cultural and social hubs. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 20 largest malls in […]

Nitin Gadkari claims that the Dwarka Expressway will be finished by April 2024

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, announced the completion date of the Dwarka expressway on Thursday. The expressway, which is India’s first elevated, 8-lane urban expressway, is estimated to cost around Rs 9.000 crore and is part of the Delhi Decongestion Plan. The expressway is scheduled to be completed in April 2024. […]

The Yamuna Expressway: A New Beginning

Yamuna Expressway has been a major real estate destination in recent times due to its open space and pollution-free lush environment. The ongoing construction of the Jewar International Airport will further increase the real estate potential of this area. As the prices of land in Greater Noida, particularly industrial land, have gone up, investors are […]

Report: India requires 2 billion square feet of healthcare space to meet the country’s current demands

According to a global healthcare report by Knight Frank, the real estate consultancy, global investment in healthcare real estate has reached $38 billion, accounting for about 4.3% of global real estate funding. India needs an additional 2 billion square feet of real estate to meet the needs of its current population, as the country’s bed-to-population […]

Major Infrastructural Initiatives Carried out by the Modi Administration!

The Modi government has undertaken a number of major infrastructure projects in India, with the goal of improving the country’s connectivity and economic growth. Some of the most notable projects include:

Brazil’s Digital Governance Outperforms Expectations: What India Can Learn?

While India has emerged as the world’s largest outsourced software service provider, Brazil’s tech focus has been on building strong systems for domestic consumption. This strategic choice has enabled Brazil to build a robust IT industry that serves the needs of its domestic market. Brazil does not have an underdeveloped IT ecosystem; rather, it has […]

Campaign For Sustainable Trade And Smart Ports!

The India-Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) was announced at the G20 Summit in New Delhi as a game-changer for catapulting Indian ports to the top of the global trade chain. This ambitious corridor is a testament to India’s unwavering resolve to strengthen its maritime trade infrastructure and a forward-thinking approach to economic growth. […]

ADB & India Announce a $400 Million Financing Agreement to Build Urban Infrastructure!

India signed a policy-based $400 million loan agreement with ADB on Monday to develop quality urban infrastructure, enhance service delivery, and support effective governance systems, the finance ministry said in a statement. The program includes integrated planning reforms for controlling urban sprawl and promoting systemic and envisaged urbanization by strengthening the whole ecosystem of legislative, […]

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