About Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project!

The Mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL) is almost finished, and it will likely open to the public in time for the holiday season of 2023. The MTHL is almost 90% finished, and transfer loops and ramps currently link the main bridge to other highways. Eight ramps make up the Sewri Interchange, including two that link […]

Ghaziabad metro extension to enhance real estate enthusiasm!

The major core of downtown Delhi is only approximately an hour and a half away from Ghaziabad. Many individuals have relocated to the suburbs due to long commuting times and the oversupply of housing options in the city. Due to its accessibility and suitability for their professional requirements, Gurugram is where some individuals choose to […]

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link may debut in November 2023.

According to Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) would be accessible to the general public in November 2023, with 90% of the civil construction completed. The MTHL, a six-lane road bridge, connects Sewri and Chirle in around 15-20 minutes.


India is on the verge of expansion, with the infrastructure sector playing an important part in the country’s economic prosperity. The administration has prioritised the implementation of measures that would enable the countries develop of world-class infrastructure. The sector encourages the expansion of associated industries such as townships, housing, construction, and building development projects, acting […]

All About Ganga Expressway!

People in Uttar Pradesh (UP) are happy with the government’s decision to reopen the massive Ganga Expressway project. An ex-prime minister initially suggested the idea in 2007, but it has since run into problems with land acquisition and environmental restrictions. When the Allahabad High Court (HC) instructed the state government to employ the Ministry of […]

All About Narmada Expressway!

The Delhi-Mumbai Highway, the Poorvanchal Highway, the Ganga Highway, and other ambitious highway projects are currently being worked on by the government. Another significant project among these is the Narmada Expressway project. An eight-lane motorway called the Narmada Expressway is being planned for Madhya Pradesh. Along the Narmada River, the projected highway will connect the […]

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