Infrastructure and investment are given major boosts in the budget for 2023.

Under the ‘Saptrishi’ mantras, Finance Minister outlined seven main targets of the Union Budget 2023. Infrastructure and investment are one of these goals.

Key Announcements on Real Estate: Union Budget 2023-24!

Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, delivered the Indian Union Budget 2023–2024 on February 1st, 2023. The budget placed a lot of emphasis on many industries, particularly real estate, which has a big influence on the Indian economy. The following are some significant real estate-related announcements:

Impact on Real Estate Developers/Builders: Budget 2023-24!

The real estate market has been significantly impacted by the Indian Budget 2023–24, which was announced by the Finance Minister on February 1, 2023. The budget has included many significant initiatives targeted at advancing India’s real estate industry, which is a major contributor to economic growth. Here are some effects of the budget on real […]

An emphasis on affordable housing: Budget 2023–24!

The new policies outlined in the EU budget for 2023–2024 can undoubtedly aid in the Indian economy’s prospective growth. Affordable housing has declined due to rising input costs and also because buyers in this segment, primarily from the unorganized sector, are still uncertain about the were influenced by the pandemic. Chief Minister Awaas Yojana’s allowance […]

Union Budget 2023-24: Hits and Misses

The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, unveiled the Indian Union Budget 2023–24 on February 1st, 2023, to mixed reviews from various economic sectors. While some of the budget’s statements have been hailed as successes, others have been criticized as failures. Here are some of the budget’s major successes and failures:

Homebuyers’ expectations from the next Union budget 2023-24!

Favorable house loan policies The real burden has grown since the same borrowers from the past are now paying higher interest rates on house loans, even as the RBI boosted its pension absorption rate to combat rising inflation. Due to this, Equal Monthly Payments increased (EMI). Additionally, it has prevented purchasers with limited resources from […]

A boost from Tax to Infrastructure: Union Budget 2020

A new Income tax regime proposed by the Government in Budget 2020 that comprises significant changes in tax slabs. This optional tax regime will give options to the taxpayers to either choose the new tax slab or continue with the old one.

Will Budget 2020 Revive the Realty Sector?

Budget 2020 has come up with several surprises for the real estate sector, and the common man.

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