6 Amazing yet Practical Decor Ideas for Kids’ Room to make it Extra Special!

Home decor ideas for kids’ rooms can be challenging for a parent. Kids grow out of their phases fast, and expect you to catch up with them.

 Paying attention to the decor of the kids room is important. This is where your child will grow, develop an identity and find a private sanctuary. They will develop notions of privacy, and learn.

 So how do you maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality for your kid’s room? We got your back.

Here are 6 practical decor ideas for your kid’s room
  • Themed bedrooms – Themed bedrooms are a classic for kids’ rooms. Children love themes. Be it a friendly face like Peppa Pig or broader themes like the universe, your kids will love themed bedrooms. An affordable option is glow-in-the-dark stickers of the night sky for the ceiling, or adding posters of your kid’s favourite cartoon characters. Another easy home decor idea is to style the bed. If your child is into pirates, get their bed designed like a boat. 

Bonus tip: Move beyond gendered themes, like painting the room blue for boys and pink for girls. Add 

  • Cosy and kid-friendly spaces – Creating kid-friendly spaces is not an easy task. Parents need to closely monitor their home decor to ensure there is nothing that could lead to unforeseen hazards. For instance, adding glasses or ceramics to your kid’s room is a no-no. Instead, create cosy spaces in your child’s rooms by adding small tents, warm rugs and stuffed toys. Make spaces for them to collect things, and develop interesting hobbies. Camping corners with tents have become more popular in the era of Instagram.
  • Bright colours, patterns and textures – Another cool idea for decorating your kid’s room is creating a bright space. Children love all things bright. You can do this by adding multiple lights in the room. You can also add a pop of colour by selecting bright decors. Think colourful wallpapers, rugs, bean bags and toys. Most home decor ideas for kids’ rooms do not stress enough on patterns and textures. Introduce your kids to different patterns and textures by adding them to their room. For instance you could add geometric patterns or  textural layers on the wall.
  • Reading nooks, workstations and more – Every child needs to get away once in a while. This is why creating small, cosy spaces in their rooms is so important. This includes adding a small library, a TBR bin, and creating a reading nook for your child. You can get creative and add a small, ergonomic workstation where your kid can do their homework, or make art. Creating such spaces can foster a love for reading and routine in the child. Separate play zones for your kid is also a good idea. You could add small furniture for tea parties or bean bags for a cosier setting.
  • Better organization – Organization is a skill that children need to develop early. This is because it helps the child to form a habit that will last for life. One way to get your child to be more organized is adding storage spaces in their room. Storage spaces aren’t limited to divan beds or closets. These include small bins for toys and books, cupboards, drawers and chests, among others. This will help incorporate good habits in your child and make them more responsible with their belongings.
  • Listen to the kid – Include your kid while planning the decor for their room. This will help the child to cultivate their own taste, and it will make them feel important. Asking kids what they would like is a great way to make them feel responsible for their rooms. 

Bonus tip: A creative way to make your kid feel responsible is to include them in the process. This means you can create a wall for hanging their artwork, or have them paint the wall themselves.

Final Thoughts!

You probably don’t remember what your room was like when you were growing up. However, the modern family situation has made kid’s rooms a practical need. It is both a private and creative space for kids. Therefore, more designers are emphasizing the need for home decor ideas that are both practical and Instagrammable.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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