Ground level flats: what are the pros and cons?

Ground-level flats are often priced lower than high-level flats. It is almost like a taboo in the real estate market. Questions like should you opt for ground-level flats are quite common. Does this mean that a ground-level flat is somehow inferior to higher-level flats? Well, the answer to this is not quite simple. Both types […]

How to get a refund on a cancelled property deal?

Consider this: you have been negotiating on a property deal for a year now. Unfortunately, the deal has to be cancelled by the seller due to unforeseen circumstances. What happens next? Any seller worth their salt knows that property deals are unpredictable. The deal can be cancelled by either party. In India, particularly, property deals […]

The Indian Succession Act, 1925: How Property is Inherited in India

The Indian Succession Act of 1925 is responsible for all inheritance laws. It is used as the primary source for distributing the assets of a deceased person. The Indian Succession Act is as diverse as the people in the country. Diversity is a necessity to ensure that all people, regardless of their religion, get access […]

All You Need To Know About Patwaris

The primary duty of the patwari, a government official, is to maintain records of all the land inside the villages that he is responsible for supervising. Also known as the village accountant, the patwari. The patwari serves as a mediator between the government and the farmers. When people want to learn anything about their country, […]

GST on residential rent to depress the demand for rental accommodation

According to real estate experts, the Goods and Services Tax on residential projects may cause a slight decline in housing demand or apartment prices, but the market may eventually adjust to the new tax laws. Since July 18, residential rents have been covered by the Internet of Goods and Services Act. Tenants may also be […]

An increase in requests to register new projects: UP RERA

For the registration of recent projects in the dwelling, industrial, and mixed-land use categories, Uttar Pradesh RERA has received about 125 applications in the first half of 2022. 34 percent of those parcels are from NCR areas, and about 66 percent are from non-NCR districts. Concerning the packages for brand-new project registration, the residential class […]

Real estate for businesses in the era of the hybrid work model

As the world has changed, so have the people, economies, and governments that have emerged from the second wave of the epidemic. The laws of the past have been revised for the present and the future. Businesses are genuinely focusing on the need for the modern generation to increase productivity, maximize customer satisfaction, and tap […]

By 2027, the market for green building materials is anticipated to reach $523.7 billion

In 2021, the market for environmentally friendly building materials reached a value of US$ 280.5%. The author projects that the market will reach US$ 523.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.06 percent between 2022 and 2027. We continuously monitor and compare the direct as well as the oblique impact of the pandemic […]

Why buying real estate in Dubai is still the greatest option for Indian investors today?

Dubai’s real estate district is growing as policies that prioritize investors attract local and international purchasers. The most recent sales numbers for Dubai real estate in the previous thirteen years was Dh22.7 billion.

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