Vastu Shastra suggestions for residential construction: Gaumukhi plot (or Gomukhi plot) and Shermukhi plot

With the exception of judicial investigative work and documents, there are several components of Vastu Shastra that you should examine while investing in land. Vastu principles are essential for prosperity and well-being since they control the major aspects of nature. The form of the land is one such critical feature that most purchasers overlook. According […]

Factors That Matter in Selecting Your Home Insurance Provider!

Choosing the right home insurance provider in India is crucial for safeguarding your property against potential risks and ensuring financial protection in case of unforeseen events. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a home insurance provider in India:

Property Tax vs. Real Estate Tax Demystified!

Property tax is a tax levied on the value of real property, including land and buildings. It is typically assessed by local governments and is based on the property’s assessed value, which is typically a percentage of the market value. Property tax is an important source of revenue for local governments, as it helps them […]

Decoding Property Exchange: A Comprehensive Guide!

Property exchange, also known as property swap, is a transaction where two parties mutually agree to exchange their respective properties. Unlike a regular sale transaction, where the seller receives cash and the buyer obtains the property, in a property exchange, each party simply transfers ownership of their respective properties to the other party. This arrangement […]

The Invisible Factor: Demystifying Concrete Permeability!

Permeability is a measure of how easily a fluid can pass through a porous material like concrete. It is an important property of concrete because it can affect the durability and performance of concrete structures.

What is NRI’s Impact on Indian Real Estate?

As non-resident Indians (NRIs) continue to put money into the Indian property market with an increasing focus on long-term investment, it is expected that they will account for 20% of the country’s real estate sector investment by 2025, as per a report by NoBroker, one of India’s leading proptech unicorns. In the last 12 months, […]

Yasho Bhoomi: India’s Big Bounce in Conference Tourism & Real Estate Boom!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated India’s biggest convention center, “Jasabhoomi” at Dwarka in Delhi. This ambitious project is expected to transform India’s position in the international conference tourism sector, which is estimated to be worth Rs 25 lakh crore. As a real estate specialist, I will discuss the intricacies of JASBHOMBIA’s effect on […]

How will Dubai Property Prices Look in the Coming Years?


The real estate market in Dubai is expected to slow down in the coming year as prices slow, according to a new report. S&P Global predicts that the real estate sector will expand by 5 to 7 percent in 2022. “We do not anticipate a significant disruption of the market, but rather that price growth […]

Major Infrastructural Initiatives Carried out by the Modi Administration!

The Modi government has undertaken a number of major infrastructure projects in India, with the goal of improving the country’s connectivity and economic growth. Some of the most notable projects include:

Sudden Surge in Dubai Property Prices Causes Russians to Lose Interest in Dubai Property!


Real estate brokers say that Russian real estate purchases in Dubai have slowed down over the past few months, following a year that saw the ruble lose a quarter of its value and a natural dip after a year of rapid buying in the aftermath of the Ukraine invasion. According to brokers, some Russians who […]

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