About Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor

A new lease on life has been handed to the contentious Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project. The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board rejected the decision it issued on October 6 retracting its approval of the assignment’s status quo. On December 15, the Karnataka environment appellate body supported the project promoter’s assertion that it had not altered the alignment of any roads or tanks. According to Manjunath Naikar, public member of the family officer at Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Ltd., “The December 15 order has vindicated our stand that we’ve observed the sanctioned plan verbatim and now haven’t violated any consent conditions.”

The board stated that Nandi Infrastructure had changed from its original alignment plan for expanding the 41-km outer ring road, part of the assignment when the task was put on hold (see “Waylaid,” Down To Earth, November 15, 2006). The corporation initially asked the appellate authority in mid-November to challenge the board’s order from October 6. However, their appeal could not be considered since the authority’s members had resigned. The Karnataka High Court was then petitioned by Nandi Infrastructure to obtain redress. The matter, however, quickly returned to the appellate authority after the appointment of new participants.

The authority ultimately decided in the corporation’s favor on December 15. “We have evidence contradicting the board’s assertion. Just 20 days before withdrawing consent, six pollutants board officers inspected the street alignment and observed nothing wrong with it. We also have evidence displaying our hall assignment is nearly one kilometer far from the so-called encroached lakes and tanks,” says Naikar.

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