About Bangalore Satellite Town Ring Road!

The Karnataka State Government has begun construction on the Bangalore Satellite City Ring Road to speed up the development of the road network and infrastructure in the Bangalore Metropolitan Area (BMR) (STRR). It is about giving travelers convenience and separating local and intercity transportation in BMR.

Bangalore’s Satellite City Ring Road Project (STRR) is now being built, thanks to Karnataka’s government’s implementation of Section 4A(1) of the 1961 Karnataka City Planning Act. People who are accustomed to the city’s severe traffic congestion should be able to breathe easier thanks to the Project.

The National Highways Authority of India has executed the Bangalore Satellite Bypass Project (NHAI). The ring road is 288 kilometers long, spanning 243 kilometers in Karnataka and 45 km in Tamil Nadu, according to the project’s specifications. 136 km of the 288 km will be constructed for Rs 5,731 crore.

53 kilometers have already been traveled. Additionally, the SRR will connect 331 settlements throughout a 1,019 km2 development region. The fundamental objective of the NHAI project is to improve everyone’s access to a bypass in these cities, therefore easing daily commuter congestion. To boost the pace of freight traffic and increase traffic capacity, this corridor is constructed at a speed of 100 km/h.

The current outer ring road can manage the heavy traffic, and up to the major intersections of KR Puram, Hebbal, and Goranguntepalya, the average density doubles. Therefore, Bangalore will be saved by this road development project. The parts of Hoskote Road and Dobbaspet-Doddaballapur are now being built. Additionally, it will link Hosur to Tamil Nadu, the location of the new airport. The projected Pune-Bangalore Greenfield Highway and the Dobaspet Multimodal Logistics Park would be connected by this route. The fact that roughly 20% of the job is finished should be recognized.

However, the Hoskote border sector in Tamil Nadu will begin accepting bids in March 2023. By 2025, the project is anticipated to be finished. In the future, the government intends to construct double-decker roadways, however, NHAI also intends to utilize distinct road routes. Bangalore-based waste is being used to build a ring road.

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