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The Assam government is accepting online applications for the AponarAponGhar Home Loan Subsidy Scheme 2020.

Under the new AponarAponGhar Home Loan Subsidy Scheme, the federal government would provide an Rs. 2.5 lakh reduction on domestic loans up to Rs. 40 lakh. This home loan subsidy is only for people who are purchasing their first home and have not previously taken out a loan beneath the previous ApunGhar Scheme. People may now apply for the AponarAponGhar Scheme online by filling out a registration/application form, checking the subsidy amount, and providing their complete information.

In Assam, the AponarAponGhar domestic mortgage subsidy initiative provides domestic loans at supported hobby rates to all applicants. The previous polar AponGhar Home Loan Subsidy Scheme 2016-17 has been extended. The country’s government began granting a hobby subsidy of 3.5% for govt. workers on home loans up to Rs. 15 lakh obtained for a two-decade period under the ApunGhar domestic mortgage plan.

Applicants may fill in all of the required information and upload supporting documents such as loan proof, address proof, and PAN card evidence before clicking the “Save” button to complete the utility procedure. The Assam government’s Finance branch administers the Assam AponarAponGhar Scheme. This plan aims to provide financial help to Assamese citizens and to make it easier for them to get housing loans for the purchase or construction of their first home.

Eligibility for the Assam AponarAponGhar Scheme in 2020

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Assam AponarAponGhar Scheme 2020:

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of the state of Assam.
  • Within the country, the applicant must obtain home loans from any Scheduled Commercial Bank, Regional Rural Banks, or Assam Cooperative Apex Financial Institution.
  • The total earnings from all assets to one’s circle of kin must now not exceed Rs. 20 lakhs.
  • Housing loans must be more than Rs. 5 lakh and must be approved by the financial institution on or after April 1, 2019.
  • Those who have previously profited from the AponGhar program are ineligible.
  • Loan obligations must no longer be classified as NPAs (Non-Performing Assets).
  • This must be the key domestic concern.

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