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The Delhi-Mumbai Highway, the Poorvanchal Highway, the Ganga Highway, and other ambitious highway projects are currently being worked on by the government. Another significant project among these is the Narmada Expressway project. An eight-lane motorway called the Narmada Expressway is being planned for Madhya Pradesh. Along the Narmada River, the projected highway will connect the ancient city of Amarkantak in eastern Madhya Pradesh with Dindori, Shahpura, Jabalpur, and Alirajpur in western Madhya Pradesh. The projected 1,300-kilometre motorway will connect Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. Then, a new section of this highway will be built to link Alirajpur and Ahmedabad. All of the Narmada region’s tourist attractions and holy sites are connected to the route, according to Minister of Public Works Bhargava, who made this statement in August when assessing the Narmada highway.

He stipulated that the “greatest benefit at minimal expense in the suggested course of action” should be the guiding principle for the choice of the road layout. The six ideas put out in the Narmada Expressway presentation were given by Sriman Shukla, director general of the Road Development Authority. He said that the highway would be recommended as a path that was suitable from a social, economic, and religious standpoint. The length of this route would be around 968 km in Madhya Pradesh and 110 km in Gujarat. All major cities, tourist attractions, and county administrations are connected by this route. The development of the six-lane corridor project between Bhopal and Indore was also discussed. The Narmada Highway is being constructed in Madhya Pradesh along the same lines as the Chambal Progress Way.

In Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, the highway is anticipated to encourage industrial growth and create jobs. In addition, industrial districts will be constructed along the 1,300-kilometer highway. It will prove to be a turning point for Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh’s commercial and employment growth. Amarkantak, Dindori, Shahpura, Mandla, Jabalpur, Narsinghpur, Khirkiya, Hoshangabad, Harda, Khirkiya, Harsud, Khandwa, Mundi, Sanawad, Omkareshwar, Barwaha, Mandleshwar, Maheshwar, Barwani, and Alirajpur are just a few of the cities that the highway will link. Please be aware that the 309km Chambal Progress Way, which will connect the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh through the districts of Sheopur, Morena, and Bhind, is now being built at an estimated cost of Rs 6,000 crore.

Although there are now just two lanes on this highway, when these roads are connected to it, there will be four lanes instead of only two. According to reports, Bhargava was shown a presentation of the motorway and offered his blessing.

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