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Challan procedure refers to a bill sent by a central authority official in response to a traffic infraction. Additionally, a site visitors challan is a complaint sent to a person by the site visitors police branch for breaking site visitors’ laws. To ensure that people follow traffic laws for the protection of people, the visitor’s police department uses a visitors challan machine. To get street protection, the Indian judicial system produced several legal regulations, including the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, Motor Vehicle Act, and State Motor Vehicle Rules.

How can Indian website visitors pay their fines?

  • You may pay your traffic penalties in two different ways: online using a web portal or offline by visiting the traffic police station.
  • Online fine payment for website visitors – “e-challan” website
  • Visit the webpage at
  • Inside the “Check Online Services” menu, select “Check Challan Status.”
  • Fill out the challan details, then verify your captcha.
  • Tap “get information”
  • Select the “Pay now” link.
  • Choose an E-challan charging method.
  • After the last touch of the e-challan charge, you will receive a transaction identification.

Everyone who calls the biggest democracy in the world home should be aware of and routinely exercise their rights. Similar to this, the Indian Constitution provides many rights that are subordinate to traffic regulations. An Indian citizen’s various rights include the following:

E-challans or paper challans are always preferred by traffic police. Residents cannot be punished for their misdeeds if the site visitors’ police do not give a challan.

Giving a riding license to the site visitors police has a negative connotation. The Motor Vehicle Act’s Section 230 states that “the driver of a motor vehicle in any public area should provide his license, upon request, from any police officer in uniform, for examination.” The implication is that you want to give the cops your riding license even if you shouldn’t and don’t want to.

  • Your car is impounded if you can’t produce your driver’s license or vehicle registration documents.
  • You can avoid having your car impounded by paying your fine at the traffic police sales area.
  • Your riding license cannot be held by traffic police if you have a challan.
  • Simple vacant cars that are parked incorrectly can be towed by traffic authorities.
  • You must appear before a Justice of the Peace for trial within 24 hours after being released from custody.

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