All To Know About Thiruvananthapuram Light Metro Project!

Realizing the need to transform the urban mobility landscape and redefine its transportation dynamics, the luch city of Kerala-Thiruvanandpuram embarked on a vision-driven journey. The Thiruvanandpuram Light Metro Project (TMMP) is more than just a transport system; it is a symbol of progress, innovation, and well-being for the people of Thiruvananduram.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be around Rs. 4,219 crore. Funding for the project will be provided by the GOK, KRDC, and JICA. The new metro route in Trivandrum will connect Technocity with Karmana. The plan envisages 19 convenient metro stations along the route length of 21,821 km. According to the details provided in the TMR Project Report, elevated flyovers are planned to be constructed at three key locations namely Ulloor, Kazhakuttam, and Sreekaryam. 

The Metro Rail Authority is also considering special sections where the metro line will cross paths with the Trivandrum railway station. To ensure the smooth functioning of the system, there will be a dedicated area for the storage and maintenance of metro cars called a car depot. This depot will be located near the CRPF Camp in Pallipuram and will cover a total area of 12,5 hectares. It will be built on government-owned land. Looking ahead, this forward-looking project will improve the city’s transportation network and make daily commuting easier for all.

The TMM project was initially planned to be completed by 2025, but due to various issues such as land acquisition, the project has been delayed. The Kerala government said in July 2023 that the TMM project will be completed in 2027, but the exact date will vary depending on the speed of construction and availability of funds. The first viaduct was constructed in June 2023, the first tunnel is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023, the procurement of the rolling stock is underway, and the Kerala government has said the first batch of the trains will be delivered in 2024, the completion date of the TMM project is yet to be finalized.

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