All you need to know about property registration in Andhra Pradesh

According to the law, if you are buying any real estate property including a building, land, or a flat in Andhra Pradesh then you have to get a property registration at the Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration while also paying the stamp duty charges.

On a daily basis, approx 5,000 to 6,000 property registrations are done at the Andhra Pradesh registration and stamps department. The department registers nearly 18 lakh real estate properties annually.

The buyer and the seller of the real estate need to visit the sub-registrar’s office during the time of property registration to get the transaction registered along with two witnesses. However, a lot of the services can be done online as well. This is because the Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration office offers numerous services online.

Types of  EC (Encumbrance Certificate)
Form no. 15

Form no. 15 of the Encumbrance Certificate contains a record of release, partition, gift, mortgage, lease, and sale. This will all have to go in a Book and be registered with the competent authorities. The book is maintained by the property registration authorities for a specific period of time.

Form no. 16

If the certificate is being sought for a time frame when there is nothing related to the transactions, Form no. 16 is issued. The applicant is supposed to pay the registration and stamp duty charges for all types of property registration documents.

How to get a property registration of real estate in Andhra Pradesh?

The list of documents required

  • The buyer and seller’s passport-sized photo
  • Any photo identification (Aadhar card, passport, Voter identity card)
  • A copy of the original old sale deed (certified)
  • A copy of the property registration card
  • A copy of the tax bill

Because of online registration, real estate buyers living in Andhra Pradesh will be able to continue the property registration in any sub-registrar’s office. This will make all the work easy for the buyers. 

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