An Early Look at 2023 Infrastructure Development Projects!


The Government of India is anticipating the following infrastructure development projects in 2023.

The Narmada Valley Development (NVD) project, with a $30 billion budget, proposes to manage water and resources in the Narmada River valley by building several canals and more than 3,000 dams throughout the basin to produce energy, providing agricultural systems, and provide drinking water. A 1,450 MW hydroelectric power plant is being built as part of the NVD Project, which also includes the Sardar-Sarovar Dam.

The Udhampur-Srinagar Railway-Baramulla, which connects the Kashmir Valley to the rest of India, includes the 1.3 km-long Chenab River Railway Bridge. Three engineering companies, Afcons Infrastructure (India), VSL India, and Ultra Construction and Engineering of South Korea, collaborated to build the $92 million bridge.

The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor is the third-largest infrastructural project (DMIC). The project intends to construct logistical hubs and industrial zones with ports, airports, highways, power plants, schools, and hospitals to foster economic growth and industrialization along the Delhi-Mumbai freight corridor.

The 1,483-kilometer-long DMIC project, with a US$90 billion budget, runs across Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra on its way from Delhi to Mumbai. The initiative also intends to dramatically raise the nation’s GDP and employment prospects.

By constructing/renovating about 34,800km of national and border highways, the Bharatmala project, which has an estimated expenditure of US$130 billion, seeks to increase road connectivity throughout the nation.

As part of the project, national highways, bridges, viaducts, ring roads, elevated corridors, tunnels, and viaducts will be built to increase India’s connectivity without clogging up the roadways, notably in the country’s northeastern areas.

With a staggering US$2.2 billion budget, the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL) aims to connect the Mumbai-Pune highway on the east with the coastal highway now being built on the west. The MTHL will have 6 lanes and a capacity of 70,000 to 80,000 cars per year.

Building 111 national waterways in India is the goal of inland waterways development, which is part of a strategic infrastructure investment of US$600 million and technical support from the World Bank. finished by March 2023. Ships and freight will be able to transit across waterways more easily. The expansion of inland waterways, according to the Indian government, might contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2070.

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