An overview of civil lines, Delhi real estate market

Civil Lines is a residential neighbourhood in Delhi, India, and one of the three subdivisions of the Central Delhi district.

This is one of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s 12 zones. Until New Delhi was founded in 1911, it was the city’s epicentre of European-style hotels. The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi’s official house is also on Raj Niwas Marg in Civil Lines.

What’s great
  • In civil lines, popular residential societies include prem shanti kunj, oberoi apartments, shiv flats, daya apartments, rohtagi apartments, and satyam apartments.
  • In the civil line are the delhividhansabha and the delhi offices of the cm and lg.
  • Dr. Ambedkar National Museum, cm camp office, drdo institute, ncdc office, and nvbdc are just a few of the government offices and museums in the region.
What’s not great?
  • Property prices are quite expensive.
  • Since some of the structures are ancient, they will need to be upgraded.
  • Due to the heritage status of numerous properties, hardly much building work can be done.
What should you be aware of?

The Oberoi flats on Sham Nath Marg in Ludlow Castle are one of the city’s first residential colonies, and it is located on civil lines.

It used to be the British Raj’s governor general’s mansion; presently, it’s a clean and pleasant residential neighbourhood such

  • essential government offices are present
  • close proximity to the train station
  • the presence of prestigious educational institutions
  • connectedness in the metro
  • close closeness to the cp
  • A large environment
Social infrastructure

Delhi’s civil lines have the city’s best social infrastructure. The British raj designated the region as a special zone, which contains all of the Delhi government’s main government offices. The area’s prominent higher education institutions, hospitals, and schools attract house purchasers. Residents have plenty of parking and vegetation all across their homes.

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