An overview of the Varanasi Ring Road Project.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) proposed the Varanasi Ring Road project to alleviate traffic congestion due to large trucks on the tiny roadways surrounding Varanasi’s neighbourhoods. The 60-kilometre-long Ring Road was built with a total budget of Rs 3,400 crore in 2000. Ultimately, the project went into action in 2015. The project was split into two major phases comprising several packages to progressively relieve traffic around the city and neighbouring regions.

Major Connectivity and Route Map

The Varanasi Ring Road is being built in stages, beginning with Harhua Village on the northwestern outskirts of Varanasi. The project linked Harhua, Bariyasanpur, Muhammadpur, Chandoli, Mohansarai, and Khewasipur before returning to Harhua Village and completing the circuit.

The ring road would link to NH-56 (Lucknow-Varanasi Highway), NH-233 (Azamgarh-Varanasi Highway), NH-29 (Gorakhpur-Varanasi Highway), and Ayodhya-Varanasi Highway throughout its length. Connecting to these roads will make it easier for inhabitants of Varanasi to go to places like Bihar, Ghazipur, Mau, Chandoli, Azamgarh, and Jorpur, among others.

The Real Estate Impact of the Varanasi Ring Road

Buyers’ desire for city land parcels has surged in the previous year or so. As a result, prices have risen. As per report statistics, Harahua had a 23 percent increase in the ‘ask’ rates of land parcels year on year.

With Phase 2 of the Varanasi Ring Road approaching completion, residential land prices in southern Varanasi are rising. Susuwahi, Lanka, and Ramnagar have all experienced an increase in the average weighted value of residential plots of roughly 17%, 7%, and 4%, correspondingly.

In addition, apartment prices in micro-markets around the Ring Road route, such as Sarnath, Paharia, and Shivpur, have risen in the last year. It is reasonable to conclude that improved connectivity and infrastructure will have an influence on real estate demand and pricing in Varanasi. The proposed Varanasi-Kolkata Expressway may increase demand even more.

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