An Ultimate Guide to decorate your house with indoor plants

Many of us have heard the saying, “If you want a clean, relaxing, and fresh atmosphere at home, then pick a green environment,” and no one can deny that fact.

The presence of indoor plants can reduce pollution levels inside the home. As a result, smog is reduced, and the air is cleaner. Rooms are kept healthy and comfortable due to the oxygen produced by these plants. It’s not just about making people feel good; this natural therapy improves health! In this way, they clean the air of dust particles and other pollutants. Other than that, having indoor plants can sometimes emit negative energy, making your work a more comfortable and happier living environment.

Indoor plants are an excellent way to make your house look more beautiful. 

You will be surprised how much they improve the overall appearance of your room. Also, we have some home decor ideas that might help make your house stand out.

Choose plants that fit your space

When selecting indoor plants, consider the size of your space as well as its shape. Choose plants that fit comfortably within the available area. For example, if you’re planning to put a large number of plants together, choose ones that won’t overwhelm each other or get too big. Also, try to avoid placing some houseplants near windows because sunlight may cause damage to plants.

The placement style

You can enhance your home decor in the room with the help of placing style, especially when it comes to indoor plants. So positioning indoor plants may vary according to their size and shape. For instance, if your living room is big enough, large plants with lights placed around them can look nice next to the sofa. Alternatively, smaller plants can be covered in windows with enough sunlight. Furthermore, if you have shelves on your balcony, you can place your small indoor plants. 

Make use of climbers

Climbers can indeed be a bit chaotic, but they also add a stylish feel to the room. Moreover, climbing plants can be designed to grow in any direction. So in one corner of the room, you could place a vintage step ladder and let it get covered by the climber.

Use the branches

Taking care of plants can sometimes be challenging and complicated, so what can you do as an alternative? During this time, you can use branches if you like. It looks great in a transparent glass vase filled with water, so you can create a mini tree feeling.

Now, you probably wonder where to start looking for indoor plants. No worries, these online websites will help you to buy the best indoor plants.

Here is the list of online websites that will help you to buy online

  • Bloomscape
  • The Sill
  • Amazon
  • 1-800-Flowers
  • Terrain
  • Etsy
  • Nature Hills
  • The Bouqs Co.
  • The Home Depot
  • Urban Stems
  • Urban Outfitters


Q1. What are the best indoor plants to start with?

Plants like succulents and cacti usually come to mind when people think of indoor plants. However, you should know that you can get started with other indoor plant options as well. So you can pick up ZZ plants, Yucca, Marimo Moss Ball, Pilea peperomioides, Tradescantia, Monstera deliciosa, Epipremnum aureum, and Fittonia.

Q2. What are some best indoor plants to dress up your living space?

If you want to fill your living room with indoor plants, you can choose from cacti, bird of paradise, and areca palms.

Q3. The best plants to have in the bedroom?

There are many choices for bedroom plants, but spider plants, snake plants, and indoor ficus plants are popular.

Q4. What are some of the best plants for the kitchen?

Ferns, herbs, and air plants make excellent kitchen plants. If you’re thinking of keeping them in the kitchen, go with ferns, herbs, and air plants.

Therefore, keeping indoor plants not only enhances your home decor but also provides benefits. Here are some of the best indoor plant ideas that you can use. Also, you can purchase them on the websites mentioned above.

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