Avail estate office services in Chandigarh at a click

Citizens’ applications were delayed for months on end due to a lack of transparency in the system as a result of the lack of digitization in the system.

The citizen was unable to provide criticism, and the redress mechanism was inadequate. Because of this lack of openness, there have also been accusations of corruption, and other forms of misconduct leveled against officials in Chandigarh.

It is astonishing that only a manual method of payments was in use in this day and age when a person can do the majority of their tasks from the comfort of their own homes. “The consequence of all of these inefficiencies was a backlog of applications, red tape, and applicant harassment,” Purohit said. It was decided to undertake this project with the assistance of NIC in order to solve these difficulties.

After more than a year and a half of work, the University of Tennessee’s estate office is finally ready to go online. The initiative, which will include about 40,000 key residential and commercial assets in the city, including homes, showrooms, SCOs, SCFs, and stores, among other things, will be launched on Tuesday by UT estate minister Banwarilal Purohit, who will also serve as its project manager.

Multiple estate office services, such as property registration, transfer, sale, mutation, no-objection certificates (NOC), and amended building plan approval, may be accessed with a single click via the use of this application. Furthermore, the necessary papers may be submitted, and payments can be made via the internet.

We have created a database that contains information on all of the properties that come within the authority of the estate office.” “All property records will now be accessible online, including modifications to them and their transfer, among other things,” a government official said. “Dedicated personnel from the real estate office have been assigned to the project,” according to the sources. “By taking this move, people will no longer be required to attend the office, and work delays will be minimised.”

SBI collaborates on this project

The estate office has formed a partnership with the SBI to accept online payments for its wide range of offerings. The company collects ground rent or lease money from industrial and commercial properties, charges money for raising FAR (floor area ratio), and collects payment of the building branch, among other things. It gets about Rs 90 crore to Rs 100crore in revenue each year.

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