Best places to buy fantastic home décor, affordable pieces of artwork online

Are you looking for fantastic home decor, affordable pieces of artwork online?  Here are some websites where you can find many different art pieces to choose your favourite.

It doesn’t matter how well furnished, decorated, or illuminated your room is; without some fantastic artwork, it becomes incomplete. We’ve listed a few sites where you can purchase art online, with choices covering various styles. 

Society 6

If you are an artist, then you need to check out this platform! Using this site, you can sell unique products. In addition to prints, you can also purchase framed prints, wall tapestries, printed canvases, and various other items.

Would you like to own affordable prints of artworks by well-known artists like Picasso or Rothko? It’s all here on

Urban Outfitters

When you have a small budget and a few walls to fill, Urban Outfitters has affordable posters and prints to where you can choose. Urban Outfitters features a surprising assortment of wall décor, including abstract geometric patterns, woven wall hangings, and trendy removable wallpaper.


In Minted, collecting prints from independent artists has a lovely aesthetic, so you won’t need to sort through as many duds as you might on other art sites. You can order any print in any size from them.


Etsy can be a great place to find affordable, original art if you’re willing to sift through a lot of options. Furthermore, you can buy directly from the artist, so you won’t have to deal with an intermediary.

Saatchi Art

In Saatchi Art, you can sort by the price after picking a style. In addition to mid-range fine art offerings, the website also offers limited-edition prints at less than $100.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

You can find various vintage paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more in the Apartment Therapy Bazaar. You can find art as low as $14 right now, and there is new stuff added every day.

Art finder

This site allows you to buy art directly from artists all over the world for under $500.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is an online hub for creators, but you can also purchase prints on the site. Its style tends to be fantastic and surreal, and the prices are pretty reasonable – here, you can buy a framed photograph of 12″ x 18″ for $50.

Tiny showcase

Every Tuesday, Tiny Showcase publishes a limited-edition print of a work by an independent artist. Most of the prints are not large–most fit an 11″x14″ frame or smaller–but they are pretty reasonable in price, starting at $15.

To conclude

If you’re in search of some great art, consider visiting these websites. There are a wide variety of choices available.

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