Budget-friendly housing localities in Ghaziabad


Vaishali has become a popular residential option as Delhi continues to get congested. This area offers reasonably priced homes with modern amenities and high global standards. Due to their closeness to Noida-Greater Noida and Metro connection, the areas of Vaishali that are approaching the metro line have experienced rapid growth in both real estate values and population. Due to the presence of top-tier schools, hospitals, parks, and malls beside the metro network, this area has become more popular, which has increased the demand for relocation in Vaishali.


One of the desired and thoughtfully planned residential neighborhoods in Ghaziabad in Indirapuram. Operating professionals in the IT cluster who opt to reside here due to the consistent link to Delhi and Noida have come to know this network well in general. Along with having Metro access, this area is known for having excellent housing at affordable pricing. People may live conveniently connected to all of Ghaziabad thanks to this.


Because it is one of the more reasonably priced residential areas with good access to the Metro and the rail network, Kaushambhi has been drawing domestic purchasers. Professionals who work in such areas frequently attempt to stay in Kaushambhi since they may get a perfect home there for a lower price. Numerous hospitals, shopping complexes, parks, renowned educational institutions, and healthcare facilities can be found around Kaushambhi, allowing people to choose hotels close to their homes.


One of the most well-known residential areas in Ghaziabad is Vasundhara, which has all the facilities necessary for the town to function well. Vasundhara is home to a huge array of housing options available in high financial brackets. This area is also referred to as a fantastic region where several shopping malls, dining establishments, movie theatres, and more have been built where you may take things slowly with your loved ones.

Nehru Nagar

Nehru Nagar is a Ghaziabad suburb that is close to several different parts of the city. One of the more developed neighborhoods, Nehru Nagar is home to a large number of reputable educational institutions, hospitals, shopping areas, and recreation facilities. Because there are so many residential developments nearby, the cost of property in Nehru Nagar is significantly lower than in other areas.

Crossings Republik

Crossings Republik is a well-known choice for those looking for less costly homes in Ghaziabad because it offers residences ready for you at decent prices. Located on National Highway NH-24, this integrated town project is well-planned and provides all modern facilities, including hotels, police stations, fire stations, malls, schools, banks, post offices, and a sanatorium metro.

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