Planning #ApnaGhar? keep these in mind before buying your first house

Buying your first house is a huge and exciting step in one’s life. However, between the decision to buy #ApnaGhar and holding the keys to your own place, comes several things, which people often find intimidating.

Taking Care of COVID Infected Members At Home

The tiny coronavirus is causing big problems around the world. Especially in India, we know someone in our contacts has either contracted it or has been the caregiver to its patient. A little cough now and everyone suspects it to be COVID-19. 

How to harvest rainwater at your home?

The water that we drink today is probably that’s been here even when the dinosaurs were around. The freshwater that we see is relatively scarce. The supply of freshwater is vital to support life, ecosystems, and civilizations.

Tips to make your home summer-ready

With summer comes the heatwave. So, you can go and invest in air conditioners all you want but remember, they will cool you down, not change the atmosphere of your house. Overcrowded and cramped interiors can make the house feel even more humid than the outdoors. Summer is also the season of joy and brightness. […]

Simple tips that can save gallons of water


Out of the five elements, water is the most crucial commodity for living. But the industrialist pattern of society has led to global warming. Out of 7 Billion people, 784 million live without fundamental water access.

Tips To Keep Your Home Spotless


All of us have struggled with the annoyance of living in a messy home at some point in time. Sometimes, it can be hard to sit and sort through all the mess.

Top tips to keep your home safe after a New Year’s Eve party

This tumultuous year is about to end. With its end, 2021 brings a new ray of hope that things will get better and conditions of the pandemic-ridden world will improve significantly. That’s why it is hard to resist sending this year away as well as starting the new one on a good note. 

Checklist before buying a Home

Buying a house is like an action movie full of excitement, stress, planning, and the big payoff at last. With so many builders coming up with new launches and lucrative offers choosing a dream home has become challenging.

If Life Is Insured, then why not Property?

Property insurance means the insurance that takes care of your goods, material or equipment required for your business or your home against any loss like that of theft, fire or any other natural calamities.

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