Clear the energy of your new home’s predecessors with these suggestions

A huge joint family in Mumbai ran into financial and familial issues just few years ago. So, they opted to handle the difficulties by selling the ancestral home in which they were living and establishing nuclear families in their new residences.

Following that, the family’s senior-most pair relocated into their new home. “Shortly after, we saw a wonderful change in our lives. Relationships improved, income improved, and my husband’s health improved quickly,” says the family’s elder, who asked to remain anonymous. In the meantime, a new and upwardly mobile couple from the same joint family had built their dream house in their own new location. Sadly, just two months after moving into their new place, their lives began to go downward. Space energy cleansing procedures assisted this couple in eliminating negativity from their house and lives.

What is the definition of predecessor energy?

Smita Madhukar Mehta, a masteries and space energy analyst from, Mumbai, believes that predecessor energy had a significant influence in the two families’ fates once they relocated into their new residences.

“Predecessor power is the energy which has been flowing in the residence prior to one’s acquisition of it.” That’s the energy of previous tenants trapped in the space, such as ceilings, flooring, and objects, but these vibrations can have a good or bad effect on the new occupants,” Mehta adds.

However, this explanation does not persuade everybody. “With the exception of physical characteristics like area, connectivity, height, and price, the ‘feel’ that a potential buyer receives from the particular home, definitely play a key part in him/her deciding to buy or reject it,” says Aaron Martin D’abreo, a real estate developer from Bandra, Mumbai. But,I’m not sure if that ‘feel’ has to do with the space’s previous vitality.” D’abreo adds that he has seen some individuals succeed in life following moving into new residences, whereas others have suffered setbacks and tragedies. “That’s how life is.” He reasons, “I don’t think or can’t claim it’s due to previous energy.”

Tips for determining if the preceding energy is good or negative

“To determine if the preceding energy is beneficial to the future or present residents, one must first understand the primary purpose for selling the home or the kind of life-altering incidents that unfolded there,” Mehta recommends. “Whereas if previous residents changed for the better their lives in significant ways throughout his\her stay there (for instance, if those who received promotions or earned more money, if there was a family wedding or birth, etc.) and therefore are selling the house to move into a bigger, nicer house or for whatever happy reason, so they will almost certainly leave behind positive predecessor energy.On either side, if the previous owner had gone through sadness, struggles, and other troubles (sudden family crisis, significant sickness, accident, separation, financial damage, and so on) over his or her time there, the precursor energy will be harmful,” she explains.

It might, be tricky. “There may be outliers,” says D’abreo, “and no one will identify the bad cause for selling a house.” Before relocating to a new location, this may be hard to distinguish out whether previous energy is good or negative. As a result, it’s a good idea to clear up all previous energy.

Clearing predecessor energy

Before you move in, space energy consultants like Mehta highly advise that you have a ‘home blessing’ ritual according to your faith and beliefs to remove any leftover energy and bring pleasant new vibrations. Because you’ve already relocated inside and suspect that the upheavals in your life are the result of negative predecessor energy, you may still cleanse the space by performing a space cleaning ritual in accordance with your religion and customs, or any other practice you believe in.

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