Construction site safety to follow during the rainy season

The rainy season in India starts in June, lasting until around September. However, even during monsoons, construction services are available. All thanks to the preparation and advanced planning along with the extra precautions taken on the construction site are what makes it possible for the construction workers to work even during the rainy season.

Safety at construction Site

With the help of an experienced team of contractors, the equipment to facilitate the construction during the rainy season and the right tools. Even after all this, accidents and injuries are likely. Hence, it is essential to adhere to workers’ safety guidelines.

1. Safety of construction workers

Regardless of the weather conditions, the safety of construction workers should be the topmost concern in all types of construction sites. During the rainy season, the risk of slipping and falling is very high. If there is a big storm or a hurricane, it is advisable to stop the work immediately.

If in any case, the work can’t stop, the builders should be wearing visibility clothing and protective gear. This should include boots, raincoats, and gloves that are slip-proof. Electricity-requiring equipment should only be used indoors. While working with exposed steel structures during thunderstorms, extra care should be taken.

2. Pre-planning

Planning and preparation are the keys to a super successful real estate construction site. The builders should pre-plan work during the rainy season. Ensure to store all the equipment and supplies so as to have a steady and smooth workflow.

Remove all the loose items that can fall and hurt someone and make sure to place protective sheets in the scaffolding. Always stay updated about the latest weather forecast.

3. Protection of the job site

Working during the monsoons is already inconvenient enough. Hence, the builders have to make sure that the amount of water entering the job site isn’t damaging the equipment. Using waterproof tarps is an inexpensive and effective measure. Installing a temporary shed for the construction workers can help them do some outdoor tasks.

Tarps can be used as a good cover for supplies like cement and construction equipment. Ensure that the temporary electrical connection for the construction work is fully secured in order to avoid any mishap.

4. Take care while working with concrete

Before the rainy season completely starts, it is essential to build the foundation and get the house up and out of the ground. It is absolutely fine to use concrete during the monsoons but this requires experience and proper equipment.

Ensure to remove all the water that may have pooled before placing concrete on the footings. The builders can use a dewatering pump in case the rain is very heavy and the puddles can’t be removed.

5. Use proper materials and tools

The builders can invest in the latest materials as this can turn out to be advantageous for them. Installing a temporary construction shed for the workers during the monsoons is a good idea as they can work comfortably. Make sure to add security and protection from the wind and rain to these sheds.

Building any real estate property during the rainy season is a commendable task and hence, the builders should ensure the full safety of the construction workers.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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