Dronagiri : Locality Overview


Dronagiri is located in Navi Mumbai, in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. Dronagiri is surrounded by Jawaharlal Port Township in the north, Uran in the east, and Karanja Creek in the south. Dronagiri is part of the projects announced by the Maharashtra government that will go through infrastructure development. The current challenge of Dronagiri is it’s under construction projects. If Dronagiri gets all the necessary approvals for development, it will yield returns as high as Kharghar.


While Dronagiri is surrounded by major landmarks, in itself, the node lacks development. This is why the Maharashtra government has included Dronagiri in their projects. It is to have a new railway station as the nearest station (Panvel) is 31 km away. Dronagiri is ten kilometres away from the under-construction Navi Mumbai airport. The nearest Special Economic Zone (Zone) is Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone (NMSEZ). CIDCO and Reliance Industries had both joined hands to launch the NMSEZ.

With the development of the Uran – Nerul Railway line, migration to Dronagiri is bound to increase. The railway line will connect major areas and reduce the overall time taken to commute. This railway line is one of the big projects that the government has planned for Dronagiri. Moreover, direct local trains from Panvel and Nerul will improve the connectivity of Dronagiri.


As for infrastructure, Dronagiri’s only shopping centre is Glomax. It has three major hospitals – the Indira Gandhi Hospital, Palvi Hospital and the Care Point Hospital. You can find local vendors in Uran. The major schools in Dronagiri are Rotary English Medium High School & Junior College and Dronagiri High School. There is scope for improvement in terms of physical infrastructure in Dronagiri.

Dronagiri is located near the Arabian sea, which makes it an important industrial area. Its proximity to the sea will open up new opportunities in related fields such as oil mining. As of now, the ONGC Plant, Karanja Sea Port, the JNPT Residential Township and the LPG terminal are the key employment hubs. Therefore, people hired by these companies are often looking for residential properties in and around Dronagiri. This bodes well for developers as it opens up new areas of commercial and residential real estate in Dronagiri.

Property Price Appreciation

The prices of properties in Dronagiri are low. This is because most of the properties are still under construction. Dronagiri is still in the nascent stage of development. It is a more affordable and accessible option for those looking to live or earn property in Mumbai. Dronagiri’s current price range is around four to five thousand per square foot. Since CIDCO will be leading this project, one can assume that it will boast of infrastructure like Airoli. 

Can you expect property price appreciation for Dronagiri? Yes, you can because it is fast becoming a popular choice for job seekers. It is in close proximity to JNPT, which is one of the largest job markets in the state of Maharashtra. This will boost demand for housing facilities and better amenities in Dronagiri.

Small-timers are thus flocking to Dronagiri for real estate investments. In a period of only two years, the values in Dronagiri have doubled. Even end-users are finding Dronagiri to be a good investment. If this is an indication of what is to come, Dronagiri will soon become a major player in the Indian real estate sector.

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