Everything about Durgam Cheruvu Bridge, Hyderabad!


One of the modern man-made wonders that adorn the City of Nizams is the recently built Hyderabad Durgam Cheruvu Bridge, which was inaugurated for usage by the general public on September 25, 2020. The Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge, which was built as part of Telangana’s Strategic Road Development Plan, has not only improved Hyderabad’s aesthetic appeal but also cut down on travel time between the city’s major hubs, helping the working population of Hyderabad who is employed in important IT hubs.

The 435-meter-long and 25.8-meter-wide bridge, which was constructed by construction giant Larsen & Toubro (L& T) over Durgam Cheruvu Lake in Hitech City, was opened by Telangana’s minister of municipal administration and urban development, KT Rama Rao, in September 2020. Amazing fireworks were sent off at the Durgam Cheruvu bridge opening ceremony. It should be noted that L&T hired the New Jersey-based Louis Berger company to provide an objective design assessment of the bridge.

The minister referred to the Durgam Cheruvu Bridge at its inauguration as just another diamond in the “town of pearls.” The Durgam Cheruvu striking bridge, said to be the world’s longest precast segmental span of 233.85 meters in concrete for a cable-live bridge, was constructed using 6,600 cubic meters of concrete, 4,800 tonnes of metal, and 287 tonnes of live cables. All of the various production materials were locally acquired as part of the government’s Make in India initiative, except the cables, which were imported from Germany. 

SV Desai, full-time director and senior government vice-president (civil infrastructure), Larsen & Toubro, said, “We have built it despite the extraordinarily difficult circumstances and difficult terrain that we encountered and are satisfied that we should supply the task in time even for the duration of those remarkable instances of the pandemic. The bridge features a split, one-lane highway with walkways on all sides.

The Durgam Cheruvu Bridge, a feat of engineering and the longest-span concrete deck cable-stayed bridge in the world, was built at an estimated cost of Rs 184 crores.

The Durgam Cheruvu Bridge has reduced the distance from Mind Space to Jubilee Hills by kilometers, cutting the travel time between the two locations by 20 minutes. This decreases the travel time from Jubilee Hills to Madhapur from 30 to 10 minutes. Additionally, a four-lane accelerated hall speeds people from Road No. 45 up to the bridge. Before the bridge’s construction, it would often take 25 to 30 minutes to get from Jubilee Hills Road No. 45 to the IT Junction. Now, closing the gap just takes ten minutes.

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