Everything you need to know about Telangana’s e-Panchayat

The effort has aided the state in strengthening gram panchayat institutions’ openness, efficiency, and accountability in gram panchayat bodies.

Telangana’s e-Panchayat programme is assisting the state in achieving several accolades.

Telangana became the first state to keep its e-Panchayat plan, that was intended to strengthen the governance of Panchayati Raj institutions, in April 2021. In the year 2019-20, the state earned an award from the national government’s Panchayati Raj Ministry for using information and communications technology to promote openness, efficiency, and accountability of gram panchayat institutions.

To foster more transparency of gram panchayat institutions, the state began an online audit of these organizations in June 2021. Telangana is one of ten Indian states that have begun conducting online audits of gram panchayats.

What is an e-Panchayat in Telangana?

The Telangana e-Panchayat project aims to make government-to-citizen facilities available to rural residents.

Launch of the Telangana e-Panchayat mission

The Telangana Panchayat Raj Department ultimately launched the e-Panchayat initiative as a mission-mode project in 2015 as part of the national e-Governance agenda, after years of planning.

The state enlisted the help of service providers and software engineers to set up the required structure and connections leading up to the launch. Telangana connects its villages to central databases of various services and agencies through VSAT and optical fiber networks.

The objective was to gradually expand these facilities throughout the state. Out of the total 12,769 gram panchayats in the state, e-Panchayat services were made available to 100 panchayats in Phase 1.

e-Panchayat services in Telangana

Citizens in rural Telangana can use the e-Panchayat site to request for construction plan permits, business permits, real estate taxes, and property mutations.

The Telangana e-Panchayat centres, also known as Palle Samagra Seva Kendram (PSSK), serve as a one-stop shop for services like as tax payments, pensions, and payments for government-sponsored beneficiary programmes. Rural students and farmers benefit from e-Panchayat centres, which provide information on agricultural prices, examination results, and job openings. Women are in charge of all PSSKs.

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