Exploring Al Nahda, Sharjah: A Comprehensive Overview of the Location!


Al Nahda in Sharjah, not to be mistaken with the Al Nahda district in Dubai, is an expansion of the latter. It is perfectly located between Sharjah and Dubai, providing inhabitants with the finest of both emirates. Because of the convenience of access, the residential facility is frequently favoured by the working community. Many choose to reside in Sharjah or Al Nahda and go to Dubai for job or pleasure.

Yet, it should be noted that the sister emirate has grown with various recreational and business sectors of its own. It will see a lot of new residential and commercial projects as it grows. Nonetheless, in this growing real-estate market, Sharjah, Al Nahda, which has a range of residential towers and complexes, is one of the finest neighbourhoods in Sharjah to rent flats, as evidenced by Bayut’s Sharjah Annual Market Report for 2020.


Al Nahda in Sharjah is well-known for its good location and easy access to Dubai. Its primary benefit and reason for popularity is the ease with which it can be travelled across the emirate.

The fact that this neighbourhood of Sharjah is home to a number of prestigious schools is one of the main reasons why regular travellers and the working population chose to live there. Many families with school-aged children opt to rent or buy a unit in one of the many residential apartment complexes in the region. 


Affordable flats are available for rent in Al Nahda Sharjah. Sharjah, Al Nahda has developed into a residential neighbourhood with a considerable number of apartment structures. Sahara Towers, Al Nahda Complex Towers, Sharjah Gate Tower, Zubaidi Building, Al Aneeqa Tower, Al Nada Tower, Orchids Tower Al Nahda, Al Zain Tower, Al Rayyan Complex, and Garden Plaza Tower are a few examples.

Whether strolling or driving around the neighbourhood, you will only see high-rise structures. Fortunately, because the region is highly established, there isn’t much building nearby, and the costs aren’t as astronomical as they are in neighbouring Dubai. Renting an apartment is, in reality, incredibly handy for middle-income people. Al Nahda has a wide range of rental units. People looking to rent studios in Al Nahda should expect to pay between AED 14k and AED 32k per year. Bigger 1-bed flats are also a fantastic alternative, especially if you need extra room, as these apartments range in size from 600 to 1,250 square feet. Annual rent for a 1-bedroom flat in Al Nahda, Sharjah is between AED 12k and AED 48k.

Families typically choose 2-bedroom flats for rent in Al Nahda since the costs range from AED 17k to AED 90k per year.


With inexpensive apartments for sale in Al Nahda, the community also provides strong investment options. These may not be as numerous as those available for rent, but the facilities are identical. Unlike the rest of the emirate, each residential building or complex has its own parking place. Furthermore, you will have a number of options to select from, not just in terms of area but also between furnished and unfurnished flats.

Each apartment has a contemporary kitchen with high-end equipment, cupboards, and storage space. The bathrooms are well-equipped, and the balconies face the sun. Others may even get to enjoy lake and garden vistas. If you decide to buy a studio apartment, expect to pay AED 230k each year. Similarly, when you purchase bigger units, the price will rise, but it will remain competitive in the market.

A one-bedroom flat in Al Nahda, Sharjah, costs between AED 300,000 and AED 600,000 to buy. Investors looking for a 2-bedroom flat for sale in Al Nahda should expect to pay between AED 320k and AED 974k. A 3-bedroom flat in Al Nahda costs between AED 550k to AED 1.4M. Residential plots in Al Nahda may be purchased for AED 4.0M.


Several schools may be found in Al Nahda, Sharjah. In reality, it is well-known for housing a number of prestigious educational institutions. From nursery and pre-school establishments through high school and universities, everything is in close vicinity.

Parents can enrol their children at Little Wonders Nursery or Kids World Al Nahda, while older students can attend Victoria International School or Eaton Business School.

Numerous notable Sharjah universities are also conveniently accessible, such Westford University, which is located in BM Towers, the University of Strathclyde Business, and the University of Sharjah, which is located in University City, 16 minutes from Al Nahda.


Al Nahda in Sharjah stretches from Dubai, allowing residents to experience the comforts of both emirates. One of the primary advantages of the neighbourhood is its accessibility to important locations of Dubai. One thing to keep in mind is that homeowners may have to depart a bit earlier in the morning owing to school and workplace traffic; also, the evening period is prone to rush-hour residential traffic.

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