Goa: shortly receive email alerts about land division applications

PANAJI: The government has developed a mechanism to alert residents whenever somebody asks for partition of a real estate in a certain hamlet, in an effort to minimize cheating in land transfers.

 If a land partition request is filed, the directorate of settlement and property registries will notify members via email.

 The state’s digital property record, which includes information on both government and private real estate. The system, which includes administration, zone categorization, and conflict resolution, is prepared to go live. Potential purchasers and property owners will be able to do their own due diligence using the online public database, which will gather all property information under one virtual platform.

This, according to revenue secretary Sanjay Kumar, will allow PIOs and abroad Goans to maintain track of any changes to their land.

Notifications to the public would be published

 Public notifications would be published in local media, or officials would ask the land sellers for the addresses of other parties. In dishonest deals, the seller will provide fake locations for neighbours or take out the identities of individuals who own a stake in the property, particularly if the individual is living overseas.

The property register will include a lot of information

Ownership, zone classification, encumbrances, legal rights, mortgage, and leasing details will all be recorded in the property registry. The administration has already started work on a property record in Goa that would include information on both government and private properties. The registry, which aims to integrate all real estate records under one virtual platform, will also contain information such as judicial decisions and conflicts.

The property registrar will be accessible to government agencies

The property registrar will be accessible to all government agencies, allowing data about the property to be amended as needed. The revenue department issued draught regulations for the government’s property registry in November, which will provide every property a distinctive identification number.

 The state department of agreement and real estate information will maintain the curator of the property register and will combine the database with other government departments, district governing associations, or other organizations so that real-time land data can be supplied, said the government officials.

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