Here’s all you need to know about the-Madh Island!

The islands of Madh and Marve, off Mumbai’s northwestern shore, had long been a popular second domestic destination for Mumbai residents.

Those calm islands, however, have become a destination for first-time homeowners in the last five years. Actress Manjari Fadnis, who sold a flat on Madh Island three years ago, credits the change to the area’s stability, which is located between the city and a tranquil lifestyle near nature. For asset hunters, Malad neighborhoods such as Orlem, Chincholi, Marve, and Madh provide a variety of home options. Madh Island is a wonderful funding holiday destination for traders to get profits within the short-term horizon because of its lower asset values compared to other parts of Malad.

Why you should invest in this upcoming real estate prospect?

End-customers have the option of living in a new and peaceful environment and taking a 20-minute boat ride to Versova. Madh Island is also perfect for those looking for a great work-life balance with a higher standard of living and the daily commute to their workplaces in Andheri, Malad, or Goregaon. The new bridge between Versova and Madh island will enhance the cost of items on MadhIsland. Domestic prices are now 35% lower than those in Lokhandwala and Andheri.Madh, which is around 12 kilometers from Malad railway station, is still developing in terms of infrastructure and communication. Madh, like Lokhandwala in Andheri West, has the potential to become a high-end residential market.

Upcoming Developments

By lowering the time it takes to go from Malad to Marve from one hour to five minutes, the proposed Versova-Madh sea bridge will make the area more accessible.Within the Madh region, the Mumbai Draft Creation Plan 2034 also proposes the development of low-cost housing. With the upcoming Nariman Point-Kandivali coastal throughway, connectivity between different parts of Mumbai would improve. The forthcoming Versova-Madh sea bridge and coastal throughway may cut travel time to employment areas like BKC, Lower Parel, Worli, and Nariman Point even more. The potential for upscale lifestyle residential trends near the sea, along with easy access to top-tier job markets, will drive property demand in the Madh-Marve area.

Madh Fort, Essel World, and Aksa Beach are three of the island’s most popular attractions. As developers have access to more land for residential development, various recreational opportunities will emerge in the area. Furthermore, people’s preferences are shifting away from flats and toward more expensive homes and villas.

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