Here’s how you can find the right tenant with the right rental listing

The first interaction that any potential tenant will have with your property is your rental listing. That’s why your rental listing needs to be crafted with care and attention.

Making it too specific might limit the crowd it gathers whereas making it ambiguous will have your property swamped with people who may not be well-suited for it. If you’re now wondering how to craft a rental listing that attracts the right tenants then follow these tips.

1. Make location the hero

Your property’s location is everything when it comes to your listing. That’s because most people search by location when looking to rent a house or an apartment. So be specific about your property’s location, landmarks near it, its distance from major transportation hubs and other factors that will make it attractive.

2. Garnish with property features

Another aspect that tenants prioritize and look at are the features the property offers. For example, if the property has a balcony, the project it is located at has amenities, if the property is furnished. Therefore after the location focus on property features. Talk about carpet area, room sizes, furnishings and other things that make your property a must-rent for tenants. 

3. Put a price tag on it

No matter how attractive and well-located your property is, its price point will the determining factor for its tenants. That’s why you should include it upfront in your rental listing. Along with base rent, also include additional costs that the tenant might incur like parking costs, deposits, utilities and more. This will help tenants immediately decide if your property fits within their budget or not as well as save you time on negotiation. 

4. Give them a glimpse of the property

What words cannot state, pictures do. Add as many appealing pictures as you can of your property. Make sure you take high-quality pictures and videos of your property and post them along with a good description. 

5. Lay down rules

As a property owner, you must set down some rules and regulations for your tenants. If you have these outlined, then state them upfront in your rental listing. By reading them, only those who are in agreement with them will approach you saving you the hassle of explaining them over and over again to potential tenants. 

Now that you know the five golden rules to create the perfect rental listing, you can craft one that gets you the best tenants. And if you are looking for a platform to seek tenants, contact today!

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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