House owners can file mutation applications offline also in Kanpur

Mutation of land is the change of title of ownership from one person to another when a property is sold or transferred thereof.

With successful mutation of any property or land, the new owner gets the property’s title officially recorded on their name in the land revenue records of the local municipal corporation so that the state government can charge property tax from the rightful owner of the property. The change in title ownership can occur due to reasons such as the original owner’s death and following transfer of the owner due to inheritance or succession as the case may be.

In a recent announcement, the house owners of Kanpur city have been allowed to file their mutation applications offline in case they face any problem in filing them online.

In a review meeting held here on Tuesday, city mayor Pramila Pandey and municipal commissioner Shivasharanappa GN discussed the matter of mutation. They then ordered the chief tax assessment officer to prepare a draft on easy processing of mutations and present the same before them since some house owners found problems in submitting mutation applications online.

Prior to this announcement, house mutation applications used to be filed online only. All zonal officers and tax inspectors have accordingly been asked to deposit the mutation fee offline. They have also been directed to conduct an inspection of their office once a week and check the desk of each clerk to examine the status of mutation cases that are pending.

 Generally, mutation proceedings are completed within 45 days, but it was found that various cases have been pending for a long time. During the review meeting, the zonal officers and tax inspectors have also been directed to send a list of mutation publications to the public relations office every Friday to make sure all publications are together so that mutation applications can be disposed of in time. The officer of zone-5 has been asked to examine every document related to the Saraymeeta land of the municipal corporation. The mayor is expected to conduct an inspection of the land on February 25.

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