How can I get Karnataka land records using the Dishaank app?

The Dishaank app from the Karnataka government may help you discover a property’s assessment id and other important information.

In March 2018, the Karnataka government introduced Dishaank, an app that provides important facts about land and property as part of its major land record digitalization operation. The state’s principal goal in launching this app was to limit the amount of property-related scams in Karnataka while also providing property purchasers and investors with quick access to land records.

Despite the fact that the official name of the app is Dishaank, it is also known as Dishaak app.

Dishaank app provides information

Visitors may acquire information about any property and land in Karnataka with Dishaank. With the exception of assisting users in determining the khata and survey code of plots, this application additionally assists customers in determining if the piece of land you are acquiring is located on rajakaluves, lake beds, or other bodies of water, or on government land. You may also verify if the surveying and mapping number on your khata certificate is correct using the Dishaank app’s Geo-referenced map.

Details are available on the Dishaank app
  • Number assigned to a land survey.
  • The precise location of the land.
  • The size of the land.
  • Land limitations imposed by the government.
  • On land, there are court orders.
  • Land encumbrances.

The Dishaank app, which was launched by the Karnataka state government’s revenue department, is based on the state’s 1960 survey maps. It differs from previous applications developed by the Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP), the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Planning Commission, and other municipal bodies inside the state in that it provides data about the app’s original character.

Individuals looking to acquire land, a piece of land, or a residential property in Karnataka should use the app to verify the accuracy of the information supplied either by property owner prior proceeding with the transaction.

Install the Dishaank app

The programme, which was developed by the Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Centre, operates on both Android and iOS platforms and it can be installed for both desktop and mobile devices through Google Playstore.

Android users may get the app by clicking here.

iOS users may get the app by clicking here.

Dishaank app has land information

Please keep in mind that the Dishaank application primarily gives land information such as the surveying number and precise location. You’ll have to go to the state’s land registry portal, the RTC Bhoomi portal, to know who owns it. Nevertheless, attempts are being taken to add property and land owner information inside the app as well.

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