How Much Does A Smart House In Mumbai Cost?


Smart homes are becoming more popular by the day. The list goes on and on, from remote-controlled locks to Alexa-enabled houses. Nevertheless, in order to have a smooth and aesthetically pleasing smart home, customers must start thinking about it at the planning stage, as this will assist them in comprehending the cost of the backend and the infrastructure needed. Here we demonstrates how much it costs to create a smart home in Mumbai!

A smart house is defined as a technologically connected home that links all appliances to automate particular operations controlled by an app or device. These dwellings are futuristic in design, with various technologies linked to the Internet of Things (IoT). A centralised hub is frequently set up to link various appliances and gadgets in a home, which may be rather costly. So, before we go into the price of a smart house in Mumbai, let’s first try to grasp its investment potential and what it comprises.

Is it worth investing in a smart home?

“Functionalities like compatibility, which means integrating numerous smart devices across your house under one technological umbrella, boosts the value of the smart home,” says Aditya Kilachand, Founder and CEO of Avs Wellness. Having high-value technology in your house, such as modern air purification and security systems, not only raises one’s social standing, but is also necessary in today’s hectic life. Most crucially, such properties may be purchased for as little as Rs 20 lakh.”

What factors are crucial in a smart home?

Purchasing smart lighting, TVs, music systems, and other electrical equipment is the first step toward transforming your house into a smart home. It might cost between Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 5 lakh to connect it all under a home automation system. Based on the brand, this may also include the fittings. Smart homes are especially important to millennials because they fit their lifestyle and way of life.

Is it true that adding smart features increases the value of a home?

As new-age purchasers become more cognizant of digital life, smart features may have a favourable influence on property prices. Adding smart features in various aspects of the house, such as lighting, entertainment devices, kitchen appliances, and security systems, may enhance the value of a property by 15-20%. 

How much does a smart house cost in Mumbai?

“The cost for a smart house in Mumbai varies from Rs 10,000 per room to Rs 1,00,000 per room based on the technology and infrastructure that a customer wishes to employ,” says Pratik Kataria, Director, Sainath Developers (Kataria House) President, NAREDCO Maharashtra. Another crucial consideration is the monthly maintenance (including Wi-Fi) or power cost that follows installation, which is often overlooked. For some, utility and simplicity are important, whilst for others, it is all about bragging about their modern house.” 

Smart homes are typically difficult for seniors and senior adults to utilise, and to make matters worse, there are several gadgets that control these smart devices, including but not restricted to remotes and smartphones, which is an expensive affair.

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