How to Calculate Floor Space Index in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, the Floor Space Index (FSI) or Floor Area Ratio (FAR) determines the height of the structure in relation to the land size. Mumbai’s FSI was subsequently changed to accommodate the city’s expanding population and real estate requirements. The FSI in various parts of Mumbai is determined by the ratio of available area to total built-up area. Here are the most recent FSI ratios for residential and commercial buildings in Mumbai:

The floor space index is the ratio of total building area to gross plot area (FSI). The National Building Code of India (NBC) of the Bureau of Indian Standards determines this index. The norms for calculating FSI in various parts of Mumbai are determined by the Government of India authorities.

How do you compute FSI?

Here is the FSI calculation formula:

FSI = Total floor area / Gross plot area

The laws and regulations governing FSI in Mumbai vary as a result of NBC revisions.

What elements characterise FSI in Mumbai?

The following variables influence the value of FSI in various parts of Mumbai:

  • The total size of a property
  • A building’s kind or usage, such as residential, commercial, or industrial, among others.
  • The building’s location
  • Property amenities are provided.

It is additionally affected by the construction process, growth models, population trends, and the availability of accessible space.

What role does FSI play in Mumbai?

The following summarises the relevance of the FSI value:

  • Optimized open-space-to-developed-space ratio
  • The city’s environment is effectively controlled.
  • A project’s steady progress may be measured and maintained.
  • Management and preservation of a balance between planned and supported expansion and development of residential and commercial complexes

The government updated and increased the FSI value for residential buildings from 1.33 to 3 and 5 for commercial constructions. This is all about the FSI values in separate classes of Mumbai real estate development.

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