How to Design your Kids room with the help of a DIY Tent?

Tents are romantic; they conjure up images of adventure, the great outdoors, and the unusual and having them beautifies your home décor.

In today’s world, where so many of us live in large or enclosed homes, it’s important to offer our children a sense of being outside. Tents are an excellent option for this. Here are some super simple DIY tent ideas for your kids room to help you quickly set up a tent and give your kids a magical experience!

Make a Basic Tent

If you don’t have basic carpentry abilities, hire a carpenter to build two basic A-frames with the tops of the A’s crisscrossing to allow you to install a horizontal pole across the two A’s. This may appear difficult, but it is actually rather easy, as the graphic below shows. Simply drape a cloth over the horizontal pole to keep things simple. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you may construct little tie-back drapes for the tent’s opening and a little window on the side. You may improve this design by making it foldable at the A’s or adding horizontal support in the middle to make it more stable. This DIY technique is quite easy and your kids room is sure to look unique.

Make a Canopy

Let’s move to another DIY idea. Drill four evenly spaced holes in a hula hoop. That is, the holes should be in opposition to one another. Loop a strong rope through each hole and gather it at the top after that’s done. Your canopy’s frame. All that’s left is to acquire a long shower curtain and thread all of the holes through one curtain ring.

Gently slide this over the canopy frame, ensuring that the drape ring is positioned just on top of the rope knot. The canopy for your no-sew tent is complete. Simply hang your tent on a heavy-duty hook attached to the ceiling of your kids’ room. If you have a high ceiling, lengthen the ropes and arrange the tent so that the curtain skims the floor.

Make a Horizontal String Tent

This is a simple and quick make-shift tent for a kid’s room. All you’ll need is a horizontal rope to fold the cloth over. The fabric’s corners can be fastened to heavy furniture in the room, such as a bed, a chair, or a wardrobe. Make it interesting by using a unique fabric and attaching loops to the corners so that they can be easily attached and disengaged as needed. Another option is to tuck it under a foundation mattress. Alternatively, you could utilize this concept to create a tent canopy for the bed!

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