How To Make Your Home for Easter?

The story behind Easter rests in the New Testament of the holy book of the Bible where the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus have been narrated. Three days later, his resurrection from death marks the occasion of Easter. This festival is celebrated across the globe by the followers of Christianity.

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Easter feels refreshingly new during the spring season. Along with its religious significance, this festival is also celebrated to usher in a sense of joy, faith, positivity, and spur. But before it’s time to unwrap gifts or dig ham on an Easter Sunday, you must think of dazzling home decor with fresh flowers, Easter eggs, pastels, and charming scents that mark the arrival of the occasion.

You can either plan an Easter-inspired art and craft noon or put your DIY skills to test. Some of these ideas are traditional while others can be serendipitous. To top it all with whimsical colors, keep the exterior and interior design of your home a mix of everything.

Here are some easy Easter decoration ideas to make your holiday graceful:

Colourful Tulip or Fresh Flower Wreath : There is no better way to enter into an Easter home with a colourful flower wreath hanging on the front door. If you choose to go for tulips this spring, make sure their number is significant to make the wreath impressionable. Otherwise, you can showcase the beauty of the spring blooms assorted with fresh greenery. Both make a perfect combination for the front door Easter home decor. Make it and hang, especially on an Easter Sunday.

Easter Garland : Without a matching centerpiece, your brunch table decor isn’t complete. You can make an Easter garland using eucalyptus and blooming spring flowers to levitate your interior design. Create the base with all of your greens into little bouquets and attach them into a long garland. Trim the stem of your blooms and stick inside the garland. Add as many blooms as you want. And voila! You’re done.

Egg-Lined Shelves : Sprinkling little Easter home decor throughout, including bookshelves and cabinets, is the best way to spread joy. You can paint the eggs, if possible. Otherwise, purchase the already colored eggs from the market and place them on quaint porcelain stands, wood crafts, or decorated napkins. To get an extra oomph, place the egg decor on paper cupcake liners. 

Cracked Easter Eggs : Hanging cracked Easter eggs give an edgy appearance to overall interior designs. They are perfect to place small marionettes, embellishments, or jewels. You can paint cracked paper make eggs with different chalk paints inside-out. Fill them with gold foil covered chocolate balls or anything light and shimmery. Display these finished cracked Easter eggs on a cut branch with a thread.

Pressed Flower Eggs : This is a perfect Easter decoration idea to bring the outside in with a vintage touch. You can begin with drying the leaves, flowers, and buds. Once dried, press them and use a flat paintbrush gently over them. Only use a high gloss mod podge to stick them onto the egg’s surface as it dries quick and clear. Tweezers help place painted flowers, leaves, and buds over the eggs (if messing up home decor is not your thing). Let it dry completely. You can place the eggs over a golden colored candle stand for completing the vintage look.

Floral Chandelier : Every time you DIY something for home decor, it makes Easter extra special. This time, you can add a special touch with a floral chandelier (add more if you like). Add a whimsical look to your Easter home decor with strands of cut flowers and greenery, and hang it over your dining table. It is one of the graceful interior designs you can craft for Easter this year.

Framed Paper Easter Bunnies : Need last-minute Easter decoration ideas? How about framed paper Easter bunnies. They are quick, easy, and add multiple beautiful frames to your home decor. All you need is a bunny-shaped cookie cutter and colored papers. You can cut as many bunnies as you want. Paste them inside a wooden frame with quirky backgrounds before placing them on empty shelves. Easter home decor cannot get easier than this.

Mantel Display : Another easy Easter home decor idea is the spring mantel display. All you must do is cut plant springs and place them in beautiful transparent vases or bottles that can last throughout your Easter celebration. You can choose vases and bottles of different sizes and shapes to create a fascinating arrangement.

Apart from these interior designs, you can add quirky toppers, paper trees, Easter egg pots, bunny bowls, and everything else you can think of for this beautiful festival. Remember, Easter is a festival of joy.

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